Cisco Certified Network Associate Live Practice Lab

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Would you like to achieve an excellent online accredited Cisco qualification, which will demonstrate a high level of skill and knowledge? Look no further than this fantastic 200-120 Cisco Certified Network Associate Practice Lab course. The 200-120 CCNA Practice-Lab will provide you with the necessary platform to gain hands on skills using real Cisco Routers and Switches. By completing the lab tasks you will improve your practical skills in installing, managing, monitoring, and troubleshooting basic router and switch configurations; securing switches and routers; configuring layer 2 technologies such as VLANs, Trunks, EtherChannels and spanning-tree; configuring routing protocols including static and default routing, EIGRP and OSPF; configuring simple WAN links using HDLC, PPP and frame-relay; configuring IP related services such as DHCP, NTP and Syslog.

Who should take this course

• This course is intended for students wishing to gain practical IT skills • This course will enable learners to establish a successful IT career

Career options after graduation

• CCNA Routing And Switching • Network Engineer



Course content

Course Curriculum 1: Configure And Verify Initial Switch Configuration 2: Configuring Vlans And Trunks 3: Configure And Verify Switch Port Security Features 4: Spanning Tree And Etherchannels 5: Configure And Verify Initial Router Configuration 6: Configure And Verify Routing Configuration For Static And Default Routes 7: Configure And Verify Intervlan Routing Using A Router On A Stick 8: Configure And Verify Ospf In A Single Area 9: Configure And Verify Eigrp In A Single As 10: Configuring Svi Interfaces And Secondary Ip Addresses 11: Configure And Verify Ip Services 12: Configure And Verify Acls In A Network Environment 13: Configure And Verify Nat For Given Network Requirements 14: Recognize High Availability 15: Configure And Verify A Basic Wan Connections 16: Configure And Verify Frame Relay Connections 17: Manage Cisco Ios Files 18: Ipv6 And Ospf V3 19: Troubleshoot Ospf Routing Related Problems 20: Troubleshoot Eigrp Routing Related Problems 21: Troubleshooting Intervlan Routing And Host Configuration Issues 22: Troubleshooting The Wan 23: Troubleshooting Acls 24: Troubleshoot Switch Related Technologies 25: Final Review Test Lab

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