CIW Web Foundations Associate - Exam (1D0-610)

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Course Overview

Provide any potential employers with permanent evidence of your skillset and knowledge with this CIW Foundations Associate Examination.

Who should take this course

This exam is aimed at anyone who has completed the CIW Foundations Associate course and wants to gain certification.


There are no official pre-requisites to sit the exam, but we do recommend students take the CIW Foundations Associate course before attempting.


CIW Web Foundations Associate

Course content

The CIW Web Foundations Associate exam 1D0-610 lasts for 90 minutes and contains 90 questions across the three course areas – Internet Business Associate, Site Development Associate and Network Technology Associate. In order to pass the exam, candidates need to achieve a score of 63.33%.

CIW Internet Business Associate


  • Job roles in the IT industry.
  • Infrastructure required to access the internet.
  • Basic principles of Domain Name System (DNS).
  • Web browser functions and features.
  • Security issues related to internet clients.
  • Principles of Personal Information Management (PIM).
  • Ethical and legal issues faced by IT professionals.


  • Important internet communication protocols and their roles in delivering internet services.
  • Additional networking and internet services.
  • Essential social networking and web 2.0 concepts.


  • Ways to communicate effectively using the internet.

CIW Site Development Associate


  • Design and colours principles for webpages.
  • Essential website navigation issues.
  • Steps in the website planning and development process.
  • Management, testing and legal issues in developing a website.
  • Benefits and drawbacks of running your own web server using a service provider.
  • Common strategies for managing an end-user’s experience.


  • XML and identifying its features and appropriate use.
  • Essential aspects of CSS.
  • E-Commerce and related technologies.
  • Concepts necessary to develop a secure, useful interface.


  • The knowledge required to build a web page.
  • Knowledge of languages commonly used to provide database connectivity to websites.

Network Technology Associate


  • The role of networking hardware and how to configure it for operation.
  • The relationship between IP addresses and domain names.
  • The functions and components of servers commonly used on the internet.
  • Common internet security and availability issues.
  • Common performance issues affecting internet clients.


  • Knowledge of basic data communications components.
  • Technical knowledge of the internet.
  • An understanding of virtualisation.


  • Concepts involving personal privacy protection on the internet.

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