Coding for Kids - Learn Programming from Scratch

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Course Overview

Programming is the language of the future. Give your kids the head start they need on all things coding, and learn a thing or two yourself.

This course is also suitable for absolute beginners who just happen to be adults!

In this course, young Joshua will be taking Dr Craig through how to create a game in Scratch. There will be cats running around, balls flying everywhere and dragons breathing fire and racing across your screen.

Who should take this course

Kids who want to learn programming Adults who want to help their kids Adults who want to learn to program themselves

Course content

Part 1 – Scratching the surface

What is programming?

Register with Scratch

Scratch Overview

Part 2 – Moving cats & drawing balls

Program 1 – a moving cat!

Program 2 – follow that cat!

Program 3 – a moving ball!

Program 4 – drawing a ball with a pen

Program 5 – sounds effects on your ball

Program 6 – make your own sprite

Program 7 – additional moving sprites

Part 3 – Game theory!

Program 8 – random sprite move

Program 9 – Dragon Enemy!

Part 4 – Get competitive

Program 10 – Keeping score

Program 11 – Adding Levels

Program 12 – A Speedy Dragon

Part 5 – Next Steps

Share your game

Summary & The Future

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