College Interviews: Learn to Confidently Talk About Yourself

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Imagine going into every single college interview knowing that you will come across your best and that you will leave the interviewer with a strong sense of what is unique and desirable about you. Your odds of getting admitted to colleges will increase every single time you complete an interview with the school. You will never be nervous again when you face interviews from university officials.

The How to Ace Your College Interview course is for high school students who are about to go through interviews at colleges as part of the application process. This course will teach high school students how to look comfortable calm and relaxed how to plan for basic questions and how to make a positive impression. For some colleges the interview can play an important and sometimes deciding role in admission. It pays to prepare for college interviews in a through and methodical manner. Just like there is a system for preparing for the SATs there is now a system for preparing for college interviews.

After taking this course high school students will know the following:

  • How to look confident and relaxed even during what seems like an awkward interview.
  • How to put a spotlight on your interests and accomplishments.
  • How to prepare your messages for each school.

TJ Walker is a presentation coach who helps students improve their speaking skills.


  • Interview with confidence at colleges
  • Appear comfortable confident and relaxed during interviews
  • Talk to adults with poise about life goals

Who should take this course

Who is the target audience?

  • High school students who are applying to colleges that use interviews as part of the admission process
  • This course is not for anyone other than high school students applying to colleges


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Course content

What you will learn:

  • Students will need to record themselves on video using a cellphone tablet or webcam


  • Increase Your Odds Of Acceptance With Every Interview
  • Winging It Doesn't Work
  • Rehearsal
  • Final Thoughts

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