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Course Overview

With this Complete Cyber Security Course you will understand how hackers hack, how trackers track, and what you can do to stop them. You will know the global tracking and hacking infrastructures that exist and how to mitigate them. This course covers the fundamental building blocks of your required skillset - You will understand the threat and vulnerability landscape through threat modelling and the risk assessment. You will be able to work with all major platforms including Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android and even firmware security. You will gain an advanced practical skillset in defeating all online threats - advanced hackers, trackers, malware and all Internet nastiness including mitigating government spying and mass surveillance.

At last, you will master network security, firewalls, encryption, and how to stay anonymous online, password and email security, authentication, anti-virus, and end-point-protection.

Who should take this course

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Certificate of Achievement

Course content

Computer Fundamentals:

  • Advanced Terms
  • Networking Basics
  • Basic Internet Concepts
  • Internet Security
  • Computers in the Workplace
  • Tele-Commuting
  • The Electronic World
  • Ergonomics
  • Safety and the Environment
  • Being Proactive
  • Identifying Yourself
  • Protecting Your Data
  • Understanding Malware
  • Protecting Against Malware

Malware Protection:

  • Why You Need To Worry About ''Malware''
  • Viruses
  • Spyware/Adware
  • Safety & Security at the Browser Level
  • Spyware Can Destroy
  • How Does Spyware Spread?
  • How To Remove Spyware
  • Anti Spyware Program
  • The Anti Anti-Spyware Programs
  • Research And Learn More
  • Choosing The Best Anti Spyware Tool
  • Computer Security And Spyware
  • The Programs To Avoid
  • Is It Legal?
  • Checklist Of Protection
  • Glossary of Terms

Cyber Security Basics:

  • Child Safety Online
  • Secure Payment Sites
  • Online Banking
  • How To Keep Your Password Safe
  • Common Scams
  • How I Got Pharmed
  • Virus Protection
  • Self Maintenance
  • Personal Information Online
  • Is The Internet Safe?
  • Importance of Cyber Security

Internet Security Management:

  • Internet Security- The Truth About Identify Theft
  • Internet Security for Teens- What You Need to Do
  • Internet Security-Downloading Email Attachments
  • Internet Security- 5 Tips for Using Facebook
  • Internet Security- 8 Tips to Protect Yourself When Dating Online
  • Internet Security for Teens and Tweens- 10 Tips to Keep You Protected
  • Internet Security- Parental Control Software
  • Internet Security- Online Safety for Your Children
  • Cyber Bullying- Another Aspect of Breaking Internet Security
  • Tips to Ensure Internet Security
  • Internet Security- Downloading Music off the Internet
  • Internet Security- Protect Your Wireless Connection
  • Internet Security- How to Deal with Spyware
  • Internet Security- Protecting Yourself When You Shop Online
  • Internet Security- Storing Your Password on Your Computer
  • Make Sure Your Emails Are Safe: Tips for Internet Security
  • Internet Security- Why Should You Use a Firewall?
  • Internet security-Signs That Your Child's Safety Might Be Compromised
  • Internet Security- Safety When Using Public Computers
  • Internet Security- Storing Your Password on Your Computer
  • Internet Security-Using Social Utility Sites

IT Security:

  • Spyware Can Destroy
  • How Does Spyware Spread?
  • How To Remove Spyware
  • Anti Spyware Program
  • The Anti Anti-Spyware Programs
  • Research And Learn More
  • Choosing The Best Anti Spyware Tool
  • Computer Security And Spyware
  • The Programs To Avoid
  • Is It Legal?
  • Checklist Of Protection

Overview of Wireless Communications:

  • Identify the Importance of Risk Management FREE
  • Assess Risk
  • Mitigate Risk
  • Integrate Documentation into Risk Management
  • Classify Threats and Threat Profiles
  • Perform Ongoing Threat Research
  • Resources that Aid in Research of Threats
  • Implement Threat Modeling
  • Assess the Impact of Reconnaissance Incidents
  • Performing Reconnaissance on a Network
  • Examining Reconnaissance Incidents
  • Assess the Impact of Social Engineering
  • Assessing the impact of Social Engineering9
  • Assessing the Impact of Phishing

Analyzing Attacks on Computing and Network Environments:

  • Assess the Impact of System Hacking Attacks
  • Cracking Passwords Using a Password File
  • Assess the Impact of Web Based Attacks
  • Assessing the Impact of Web-Based Threats
  • Assess the Impact of Malware
  • Malware Detection and Removal
  • Assess the Impact of Hijacking and Impersonation Attacks
  • Assess the Impact of DoS Incidents
  • Assessing the Impact of DoS Attacks
  • Assess the Impact of Threats to Mobile Security
  • Assess the Impact of Threats to Cloud Security

Analyzing Post-Attack Techniques:

  • Assess Command and Control Techniques
  • Assessing Command and Control Techniques
  • Assess Persistence Techniques
  • Detecting Rootkits
  • Assess Lateral Movement and Pivoting Techniques
  • Assess Data Exfiltration Techniques
  • Steganography
  • Assess Anti Forensics Techniques
  • Assessing Anti-Forensics

Evaluating the Organization's Security Posture:

  • Conduct Vulnerability Assessments
  • Perform a Vulnerability Scan with Nessus
  • Perform a Vulnerability Scan with MBSA
  • Conduct Penetration Tests on Network Assets
  • Follow Up on Penetration Testing
  • Deploy a Security Intelligence Collection and Analysis Platform
  • Collect Data from Network Based Intelligence Sources
  • Collecting Network-Based Security Intelligence
  • Collect Data from Host Based Intelligence Sources
  • Collecting Host-Based Security Intelligence
  • Parsing Log files

Analyzing Log Data:

  • Use Common Tools to Analyze Logs
  • Analyzing Linux Logs for Security Intelligence
  • Use SIEM Tools for Analysis
  • Incorporating SIEMs into Security Intelligence Analysis
  • Parse Log Files with Regular Expressions
  • Analyze Incidents with Windows-Based Tools
  • Windows-Based Incident Analysis Tools
  • Analyze Incidents with Linux Based Tools
  • Linux-Based Incident Analysis Tools
  • Analyze Malware
  • Analyzing Malware
  • Analyze Indicators of Compromise
  • Analyzing Indicators of Compromise

Responding to Cyber security Incidents:

  • Deploy an Incident Handling and Response Architecture
  • Mitigate Incidents
  • Hardening Windows Servers
  • DNS Filtering
  • Blacklisting and Whitelisting
  • Prepare for Forensic Investigation as a CSIRT
  • Apply a Forensic Investigation Plan
  • Securely Collect and Analyze Electronic Evidence
  • Securely Collecting Electronic Evidence
  • Analyzing Forensic Evidence
  • Follow Up on the Results of an Investigation

Mock Exam:

  • Final Exam

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