Complete MATLAB Tutorial: Go from Beginner to Pro

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MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language which is frequenlty being used by engineering and science students. In this course we will start learning MATLAB from a beginner level and will gradually move into more technical and advnace topics. This course is designed to be general in scope which means that it will be beneficial to students in any major. Once passed a certain learning thresholds you will definately enjoy MATLAB Programming. The key benefit of MATLAB is that it makes the programming available to everyone and is very fast to turn ideas into working products compared to some of the conventional programming languages such as Java C C++ visual basic and others.

Below is the detailed outline of this course.

  • Segment 1: Instructor and Course Introduction
  • Segment 2: Handling variables and Creating Scripts
  • Segment 3: Doing Basic Maths in MATLAB
  • Segment 4: Operations on Matrices
  • Segment 5: Advance Math Functions with Symbolic Data Type
  • Segment 6: Interacting with MATLAB and Graphics
  • Segment 7: Importing Data into MATLAB
  • Segment 8: File Handling and Text Processing
  • Segment 9: MATLAB Programming
  • Segment 10: Sharing Your MATLAB Results
  • Segment 11: Cell Data Type
  • Segment 12: Tables and Time Tables
  • Segment 13: Working with Structures and Map Container Data Type
  • Segment 14: Converting between Different Data Types

Your Benefits and Advantages:

  • You will be sure of receiving quality contents since the instructors has already four courses in the MATLAB niche which are ranked in the top 10 courses in the MATLAB niche
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  • Check out the curriculum and Freely available lectures for a quick insight

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More Benefits and Advantages:

  • You receive knowledge from an experienced instructor who is the creator of five courses on Simpliv in the MATLAB niche.

The titles of these courses are:

  • MATLAB from A to Z: From Programming to App Desiging
  • Data Analysis with MATLAB for EXCEL Users.
  • MATLAB App Designing: The Ultimate Guide for MATLAB Apps
  • Create Apps in MATLAB with App Designer (Codes Included)
  • Advance MATLAB Data Types and Data Structures
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Who should take this course

Who is the target audience?

Researchers Entrepreneurs Instructors College Students Engineers Programmers Simulators who wants to quickly create front ends for their users to run their code and projects.


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Course content

What you will learn:

  • You are able to confidently use MATLAB for problem solving
  • You are able to run scripts write code and do data analysis and visualization
  • You are able to solve equations do math operations and manipulate matrices in different ways
  • You are able to formulate your own logic and convert complex problems into MATLAB code and solve them using programming skills


  • Course and Instructor Introduction
  • Handling Variables and Creating Scripts
  • Doing Basic Maths in MATLAB
  • Operations on Matrices
  • Advance Math Functions with Symbolic Data Type
  • Interacting with MATLAB and Graphics
  • Importing Data into MATLAB
  • MATLAB Programming
  • Making your own functions
  • Sharing your MATLAB Results
  • Cell Data Type

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