Consumer Behaviour and Culture Diploma

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Course Overview

The culture and behaviour of a consumer is one of the major consideration in the design and delivering of a successful product and services for a business. The City Business School's Diploma course in Consumer Behaviour and Culture will examine and look into the behavioural, cultural and social aspects pf consumers and the impact of various marketing strategies on the attitude, behaviour, and decision-making of buyers. Once people and businesses can understand why, where, when, and how consumers buy things, they can analyse the effects of crafting an effective business strategies. These analytical skills are essential for individuals who wish to stand tall in a competitive labor market.

This diploma course in Consumer Behavior and Culture is a program that combines both business and psychology together. This course is constructed on the foundation of business, research, and psychological strategies and it is also designed to help learners understand the behavior and culture behind the purchases of consumers and the various factors that affect what an individual buy.

With our interactive, engaging lectures and tutorials, participants will able to build their knowledge of marketing by applying theories into a practicalised realistic context. This course will help learners gain more knowledge and skills in understanding the behaviour and culture of humans, and they will also develop innovative, creative and interesting solutions to problems in any business.

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Course content

The aim of this course is to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills in consumer behaviour, culture, managing the support activities of a brand and marketing communication within an organisation. This course explains the relationship between consumer and organisations and also provides the knowledge of the theories of consumer behaviour, culture, and their application to the decision of a consumer.

This course emphasises on the behavioural and cultural elements and how they affect the decision-making of a consumer. This course will help learners view a buyer in a holistic way. It will also equip learners with the knowledge of the necessary frameworks and model needed to help understand the culture and behaviour of a buyer and align the knowledge gained with the formulation of effective marketing strategies. This course will ensure that learners has the understanding of the theories and concepts of the culture and behaviour of a buyer and apply them to real-life marketing situations.

Course Benefits

At the end of this diploma course, participants will be awarded with a Diploma in Consumer Behaviour and Culture, and will also be able to:

  • Describe and apply the understandings of consumers using the theoretical principles of human behaviour and culture.
  • Analyse the link between behaviour and culture behind the choice of a consumer.
  • Make classification and evaluation of the theories of the decision-making processes of the consumer.
  • Apply principles of consumer behaviour and culture in various contexts, and in a manner that is ethical.
  • Communicate what they thinking about these principles in an appropriate manner for a business environment.

Course Materials

All course materials are included in the course fee

Qualification Assessment

All our qualifications are assessed on the basis of written course works.

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