Creating Beyond Criticism - Overcoming Rejection & Horrible People

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Do you feel badly when a casting director, or boss, or critic gives you harsh feedback?

Are you tired of other people imposing their viewpoints on you? Do you ever second guess yourself when other people tell you what to feel, what to see, how to speak, or how to think of your work? Sometimes people will assert their opinions to create an illusion they are smarter, a better actor, a more successful artist, a stronger musician, but those types of people aren't in control of your life. You are.

In this workshop we will explore effective and efficient ways to let go of unwanted criticism and any feedback that isn't useful for you. We'll also explore how criticism can be useful, and when to recognize it. After this workshop, nothing anyone says to you again will ever get under your skin again.

After making, selling and releasing over 15 feature films globally, Steve has a lot of secrets, tips and cautionary advice to share.


  • Perception, and where it comes from
  • How to find the ''right'' viewpoint
  • How to handle horrible people
  • Strengthening your creative work
  • How to never second-guess yourself
  • Ways to understand every critic
  • How to be less judgmental of others

Basic knowledge:

  • Speaker of the English language
  • You already have made something creative (film, album, book, etc)

Who should take this course

Anyone who is thinking about making something creative (film, album, book, etc) which will receive feedback from critics or producers. Anyone in relationships which have caused difficulty which is ongoing. Anyone wanting to learn How to handle feedback, provide feedback and use feedback resourcefully.


Course Completion Certificate.

Course content

What will you learn:

  • How to find the ''right'' viewpoint
  • How to communicate with negative people
  • How to strengthen your creative work
  • How to never second-guess yourself
  • Ways to understand every critic
  • How to be less judgmental of others
  • Where perception comes from

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