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Cybersecurity refers to the approach of protecting networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorised access. It is essential for any company for assigning a cyber-security expert if they embrace the digitalisation for the growth of their business. The Cyber Security Specialist A Complete Video Course covers a detailed and complete instruction for becoming a cybersecurity expert and also prepares you for the different exams of cyber security so that you can able to obtain a world-class certification for carrying out your job.

Any cybersecurity system starts with the task of identifying threats. In the first part of the video lesson, you will know to detect threats and learn how to respond to the threats. Then, you will learn the proper ways of securing your WLAN network. In the section Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), you will train to be a good security manager. Here, you will know how to manage, design, oversee and assess an enterprise's information security. Next, you will learn the procedures of protecting data and personal information of the patients in the Healthcare Information Systems Security Practitioner (CHISSP) section. After that, the course presents the information related to IT recovery strategy if any disaster happens to your company.

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Similarly, you will also learn about computer forensic incidents for investing cybercrime. You will know how to handle any incidents in the next section. Besides, the course guides you to be a security leadership officer so that you can lead the team for cybersecurity by the knowledge of risk management, encryption, and information security. Finally, the last section helps you to be a certified Security Sentinel so that you can keep your companies information safe and secure.

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