Diploma in Health Science-Level 3

Can be taken anytime (12 months)
Course Type
Professional Training Course
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$397 $158 only

Course Overview

How can we identify immune disorders and infections? How does alcohol affect our bodies? How can we stop the spread of illness locally? If you find yourself wondering about things like this and have a thirst for knowledge concerning the human mind and body then a Diploma in Health Science would be perfect for you. This course would be especially suitable for those already working in the health industry or hoping to do so. During this course participants will gain a full and comprehensive guide to the human mind and body and all of the most important aspects of the way it functions.

Who should take this course

• Those already working in the health industry or those hoping to do so • Anyone who already works in a science laboratory or those hoping to

Career options after graduation

This qualification is extremely useful as it opens up many career options for you, including the following: • Healthcare Scientist • Pathologists Assistant • Healthcare Writer • Medical Writer • Medical Laboratory Scientist • Clinical Scientist • Laboratory Assistant • Occupational Health Therapist • Paramedic • Dietician • Social Worker • Nurse • Speech and Language Therapist



Course content

Course Curriculum 1. The Fundamentals Of Wellness And Health 2. Mental Health, Psycho-Social And Stress Risk Disorders 3. Addiction And Health 4. Substance Use And Disorders 5. A Study On Healthy Relationships 6. Understanding Nutrition 7. How To Manage Personal Health 8. The Aging Population And Personal Health 9. How Can We Understand Death And Bereavement? 10. The Heart, Lung And Endocrine Systems 11. How To Understand Cancer Risks & Treatment? 13. What Are Diabetes & Genetic Disorders? 14. Basics Of Environmental Health And Environmental Issues 15. Explaining Violence, Injury & Personal Safety 16. How To Make Smart Health Care Choices?

About Course Provider

Global Edulink is a well-established Professional and Vocational training provider in the United Kingdom and it aims to meet the employment needs of the youth and people in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. Global Edulink builds a bridge for the gap in employability skills, in response to the demands of a changing workforce. Global Edulink is widely known as a one of leading providers of high quality Employability Skills, professional & Vocational training and workforce development service and it has built up an excellent reputation of delivering of professional and vocational training throughout the UK and rest of the world.

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