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Course Overview

It is estimated that one in four adults experience some form of mental health problems during their lifetime. Therefore, mental health is becoming an increasingly important aspect of health provision in health systems around the world.

Anxiety, depression and severe mental problems affect not only the individuals concerned but also their families and friends. Mental health problems result in reduced quality of life and possibly loss of life. It is therefore important to understand mental distress and the ways it can be treated.


This mental health diploma course will help you understand mental health and mental illness, as well as mental health practice and care in the community. The course also reviews suicide and preventative treatment measures, how to manage violent patients and outlines the complex area of substance abuse.

Who should take this course

Anyone can take up this course upon interest in anytime you want, anywhere you want, all you need is a smart phone/tablet/computer connected to the internet.

It will be of great interest to professionals in social and health professions, for anyone who has personal experience of mental health problems or anyone with a general interest in this growing matter.

Upon completion, you will have a test with multiple choice questions and there is no limit on the number of attempts.

Course content

Course includes:

  • Understand defining characteristics of normal and abnormal behavioral tendencies
  • The range of personality disorders, phobias and neurotic behaviors are discussed together with the associated signs and symptoms
  • The personal and occupational impact of burnout and depression are discussed along with the causes and identifiable signs and symptoms.

Course content:

  • Module 1: Challenging Ideas in Mental Health
  • Module 2: Mental Health Practice
  • Module 3: A History of Mental Health Institutions
  • Module 4: Exercise and Mental Health
  • Module 5: Diploma in Mental Health Studies - First Assessment
  • Module 6: Mental Health Studies - Behavior
  • Module 7: Mental Health Studies - Burnout and Depression
  • Module 8: Diploma in Mental Health Studies - Second Assessment
  • Module 9: Mental Health Studies - Understanding Suicide
  • Module 10: Mental Health Studies - Violent and Hostile Behavior
  • Module 11: Mental Health Studies - Substance Abuse
  • Module 12: Diploma in Mental Health Studies - Third Assessment
  • Module 13: Diploma in Mental Health Studies - Final Assessment

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