Drone Photography and Videography

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Course Overview

We are in an exciting phase of Drone technology, and if you’re photographer, or videographer with high ambitions, then now is the time to become part of it.

Take your images and videos to the next level, learn to safely set up a drone, and capture stunning aerial images.

Mark Richardson is a professional photographer and videographer, and founder of the Camera Stupid website. He will show you everything you need to hit the skies. This course will cover the basic rules for safe set-up and flying, offer a how-to guide for choosing your drone, multirotor, or aerial platform, and give you the technical assistance you’ll need to get going.

Who should take this course

Photographers and videographers who want to get into aerial imaging

Course content

Part 1 – Introduction, Safety And Common Sense


FAA Regulations

Part 2 – Flight Training

The best quadcopters for learning to fly under $50

Basic Controls

Maintaining And Regaining Orientation


Part 3 – Choosing An Aerial Platform

Build Or Buy?

Multirotor Configurations

The DJI Phantom Sweet Spot

The DJI Phantom Sweet Versions Comparison

Part 4 – First Person View (FPV)

Video Downlink Demonstrations And Setup Guide

Longer Range Options (Dragon Link, Light Brigade)

Part 5 – Phantom Firmware and Settings

Updating Firmware

Gimbal Limits

Advanced IMU Calibration


Advanced Modes

Part 6 – Recommended GoPro Settings

Video Settings

Photo Settings

Part 7 – PreFlight Checklist, Takeoff And Landing

Equipment Check And Packing

Compass Calibration

Takeoff And Hover Check

Ground And Catch Landing Demonstration

Fail-Safe Demonstration

Situations Fail-Safe Will Fail

Part 8 – Aerial Video & Photo Processing And Editing

Lightroom Workflow

Photoshop Workflow

Final Cut Pro X Workflow

Part 9 – Using Aerial Imaging To Tell A Story

Aerial Video Shot List

Best Still Photo Tips

Supplementing A Project With The Aerial Perspective

Part 10 – Travelling With Quadcopter

Best Cases For Travel

Multirotors And Airline Travel

Dealing With Customs

Part 11 – Final Thoughts, Resources And Inspiration

Troubleshooting & Tips: avoiding prop shadow and jello

How To Fix X1 Title Lever On Phantom 2 Transmitter

5 Inspirational Aerial Films

Recommended setup

DJI Ground Station

DJI Ground Station 2 FPV Over Frozen Ririe Reservoir

Safety Quiz

DJI Inspire 1 Review + Download 4K Sample Footage And RAW DNG Stills

DJI Inspire 1 Quick Tip

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