Email Etiquette

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

When information needs to be given quickly, there’s no better way than by email. However, with the benefit of speed come problems that are not always predictable unless employees are informed. In this course, Global Edulink, a leading UK training provider, aims to give you the tools with which to be confident when writing business emails. We want you to understand: how to establish email connectivity, what to consider before typing and sending an email, how to compose concise and effective messages, types of topics or language that should not feature in an email, and what company policies exist surrounding email communication. These lessons help participants evaluate their own email communications to ensure that recipients will not misinterpret them in any way. Global Edulink believes this email etiquette course can help employees understand the appropriate use of email whilst at work, as well as behaviours they should avoid.

Who should take this course

• Individuals who have just finished education • Those new to employment • People who are in employment and want to brush up on their business writing skills • Those running their own business

Career options after graduation

Any form of work or business as email is in widespread use in modern day life.



Course content

Course Curriculum 1.Getting Started With Email 2.Email Considerations 3.Email Composition 4.Email Writing Skills 5.Efficient Emailing 6.Netiquette 7.Company Email Policies

About Course Provider

Global Edulink is a well-established Professional and Vocational training provider in the United Kingdom and it aims to meet the employment needs of the youth and people in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. Global Edulink builds a bridge for the gap in employability skills, in response to the demands of a changing workforce. Global Edulink is widely known as a one of leading providers of high quality Employability Skills, professional & Vocational training and workforce development service and it has built up an excellent reputation of delivering of professional and vocational training throughout the UK and rest of the world.

The institute has been offering numbers of professional and Vocational courses including SIA Security Courses, Teacher Training courses, Business & Office administration courses, Health and Social Care courses, Project Management course, Accounting courses, Beauty Therapy, Customer Service courses and IT courses as core disciplines.