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About this Course:

  • This course is meant for those students who know basics of vba very well like variables loops and arrays. We are taking a deep dive in Events and learning them from scratch.
  • Events can do wonder to you projects and if you do not know them you cannot call yourself a completer program. Putting conditions like if any change happen in a cell , run a macro or when sheet deactivates or activates - run a macro and do some job. These sort of macros you will be able to make after completing this program.
  • What is application. Intersect term in events and how why where we use them.
  • If Events use in sheets or entire workbook - the difference.
  • How to use the Undo commands using vba -undo syntax. Generally, we use ctrl+z to undo in excel but Can it be done in VBA too? How Events can work with this undo command and what is the role of undo command in projects made on events.
  • How we can go ahead and Create log details using events in Excel without letting user know about it.
  • Selection event and Change events- most used events and how they sometimes call themselves and create problems. How to overcome.
  • How do we use Target key word in Events.
  • Does target keywords can be used outside Event windows. How we should understand the meaning of Target in Events while writing the program.
  • How to handle overlapping of Events - Sometime it happens that due to one change in event the other one fires immediately which changes the fate of your programe and can prove as fatal code for your data. What are the different approaches we can use in these cases.
  • Debugging of events - Is it F8 or something else. Importance of debugging the project before it gets ready to launch.
  • Use of Events in Excel Dashboard?
  • Live projects coming directly from students, Projects that will make anyone jumping in joy.

Basic knowledge:

  • Good knowledge of Public, local and module level variables . Good knowledge of Loops , IF Functions and Collection loops is needed.

Who should take this course

Who is the target audience?

Any one who desires to learn it.


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What you will learn:

You will be able to make the macros which run on conditions like if any change happens in a cell or before saving excel file or going from one sheet to another. These are all called events and they do not need any button to run macros . They are self triggered macros and they run whenever there is a condition match found.

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