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Course Overview

Master the functional math skills with the Functional Skills Maths Training course and take your mathematical skills to the next level.

The course provides an in-depth discussion on the formal Educational skills for math exam. The teaching modules are designed in lined with the most recent updates within the National Curriculum.

At first, the course defines the functional skills, the purpose of functional skills and its use. After that, you will learn about numbers, price value, subtraction and addition, multiplication and division, and more. Then the course discusses on fractions, decimals, and percentages, equivalences and conversion, simplifying and calculating ratios, and more. Next, the course teaches you how to convert Units of Measurement and other geometrical rules. The course teaches you the properties of shapes, areas, perimeter, and volume, and more. Finally, you will learn about data and probability. The techniques of collecting and recording data, representing data, representing and analyzing data, Probability and Likelihood of Outcomes, etc. will be discussed in the course.

By the end of the course, you will able to master the core skills related to topics from the most recent updates to the National Curriculum such as geometry, numbers, assessment preparation and more.

Who should take this course

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Course content


  • Lecture 1 Introduction
  • Lecture 2 Multiplying any digit number by 11, 22, and 33.mp4
  • Lecture 3 Integers and ordering of integers
  • Lecture 5 Operations on Integers
  • Lecture 6 Multiplication and Division of Integers
  • Lecture 7 Powers of Integers (Exponents)

Factors and Multiples:

  • Lecture 8 Complete knowledge about factors and multiples
  • Lecture 9 Divisibility tests for 2,3,4,5,6
  • Lecture 10 Divisibility rules 7,8,9,10,11
  • Lecture 11 Prime Factorization
  • Lecture 12 Highest Common Factor HCF
  • Lecture 13 Least Common Multiple LCM
  • Lecture 14 Relation between LCM and HCF


  • Lecture 15 Classification of Fractions
  • Lecture 16 Convert mixed to improper and improper to mixed fractions
  • Lecture 17 Equivalent Fractions
  • Lecture 18 Comparing Fractions after converting to like fractions
  • Lecture 19 Reducing a fraction to lowest term
  • Lecture 20 Addition and subtraction OF fractions
  • Lecture 21 Multiplication and division of fractions
  • Lecture 22 Word problems on fractions

Simplification Rule : BODMAS:

  • Lecture 23 BODMAS and rules to remove brackets
  • Lecture 24 Simplify expressions using BODMAS rules
  • Lecture 25 Simplify expressions involving fractions using BODMAS

Decimal numbers:

  • Lecture 26 Decimal numbers in relation to fractions
  • Lecture 27 Like and unlike Decimals
  • Lecture 28 Ordering of Decimal numbers
  • Lecture 29 Addition and subtraction of Decimal
  • Lecture 30 Multiplication of Decimal
  • Lecture 31 Division of Decimal

Rational Numbers:

  • Lecture 32 Rational number
  • Lecture 33 Representation of Rational Numbers on Number line
  • Lecture 34 Determining which fraction is terminating or non terminating
  • Lecture 35 shortcut method of writing decimal expansion of fraction to decimal


  • Lecture 36 Rounding to whole number
  • Lecture 37 Rounding to required number of decimals (1 d.p. )
  • Lecture 38 rounding to significant digits
  • Lecture 39 Practice question on three methods of approximation
  • Estimation and Scientific Notation or Standard form
  • Lecture 40 Estimation
  • Lecture 41 Scientific Notation
  • Lecture 42 Operation on numbers when they are in scientific notation


  • Lecture 43 Percentage to fraction and fraction to percentage
  • Lecture 44 Percentage of a quantity and conversation to decimal
  • Lecture 45 Expressing one quantity as percentage of another quantity
  • Lecture 46 Finding increase decrease percent
  • Lecture 47 Uses of percentages-Word Problems

Ratio and Proportion:

  • Lecture 48 Ratio- How to express as simple ratio
  • Lecture 49 How to compare Ratios
  • Lecture 50 Word problems on finding ratios
  • Lecture 51To divide a given quantity into a given Ratio
  • Lecture 52 Proportion
  • Lecture 53 Practice problems on Proportion
  • Lecture 54 Continued proportion

Unitary Method and its Applications:

  • Lecture 55 Direct Variation ( or proportion)
  • Lecture 56 Problems based on Direct proportion
  • Lecture 57 Inverse Variation ( or proportion)
  • Lecture 58 Multiple Ratios

Profit , Loss, discount and Tax:

  • Lecture 59 Basics - Profit and Loss
  • Lecture 60 More practice problems on Profit & Loss
  • Lecture 61 Selling price formula and Problems
  • Lecture 62 Cost price formula and Problems
  • Lecture 63 Higher problems on Profit and Loss
  • Lecture 64 Basics - Discount.mp4
  • Lecture 65 Practice problems on Discount
  • Lecture 66 Tax

Math Techniques:

  • Lecture 2 Multiplying any digit number by 11, 22, and 33
  • Lecture 3 Finding remainder when a number of any digits is divided by 9
  • Lecture 4 Multiplying any digit number by series of 9; 99; 999; 99999 Part 1
  • Lecture 5 Multiplying any digit number by series of 9; 99 ; 999 ; 99999 Part 2
  • Lecture 6 Product of two numbers below the base number 100; 1000 etc
  • Lecture 7 Multiplication of Numbers above the base 1000; 10000; 100000 etc
  • Lecture 8 Multiplication of numbers one above the base and second less than the base
  • Lecture 9 multiplying any two digit numbers using Vertically and Crosswise
  • Lecture 10 Multiplying three digit numbers using Vertically and Crosswise
  • Lecture 11 Multiplying any digit number by 5, 25, and 125 faster than calculator
  • Lecture 12 Squaring numbers that end in 5 using Vedic Math
  • Lecture 13 Squaring two digit numbers mentally Using Vedic Math technique
  • Lecture 14 Squaring three digit numbers mentally Using Vedic Math technique
  • Lecture 15 Finding cube of any two digit number faster than calculator
  • Lecture 16 Approximate value of square root of numbers which are not perfect squares
  • Lecture 17 Approximate value of cube root of numbers which are not perfect cubes

Short Tricks:

  • Lecture 18 Short tricks to count Number of Squares in given figure
  • Lecture 19 Short tricks to count Number of Rectangles in given figure
  • Lecture 20 Short tricks to count Number of triangles in given figure
  • Lecture 21 Finding Day of the week when any date is given in 2 Seconds mentally

Simplify calculations super fast:

  • Lecture 22 Digital sum of a number
  • Lecture 23 Digital sum- Addition and Subtraction
  • Lecture 24 Digital sums- Multiplication
  • Lecture 25 Digital sum- divisions

Simplification short cuts for complicated fractions and square root problems:

  • Lecture 26 Simplification short tricks for complicated fractions
  • Lecture 27 Simplification short tricks for fractions series part 1
  • Lecture 28 Simplification short tricks for fractions series part 2
  • Lecture 29 Simplification short tricks for complicated square root problems

Mock Exam:

  • Mock Exam- Functional Skills Maths Training

Final Exam:

  • Final Exam- Functional Skills Maths Training

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