Global UrbanTIC and Smart Cities Certification Program

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The Global UrbanTIC and Smart Cities Certification Program is designed to fill the current gap between the two most influential groups in Smart City systems implementation; it puts both city management professionals and technological urban innovators in contact, developing a common language in order to promote innovation in the current development of cities.

The Global UrbanTIC and Smart Cities Certification Program is the online and English version of the already existing Mastere specialise UrbanTIC conceived and taught in the

Who should take this course

The Global UrbanTIC and Smart Cities Certification Program is designed under a multidisciplinary framework of the Smart City concept, which means that is open to university degree holders with a strong interests in carrying out research projects focused on innovation and technology for the smart cities challenges.

All the applicants will be analyzed and assessed for their access to the program by the Master's Committee.


Certified by Ecole des Ingenieurs de la Ville de Paris (EIVP)

Course content

This program is organized in six modules in order to give a multidisciplinary and international approach to the emerging technological tools in urban contexts, especially those who bring an innovative response for the main challenges of cities.

Every module is taught across a specific case of study and after completing 3 modules, the participants will work collaboratively in a final project.

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