Go from Zero to Expert in Building Regular Expressions

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Regular Expressions (Regexes) is one of the fundamental and essential skills for programmers, web developers, professional working on textual data and science students in the fields of computer science and biotechnology. Excellent Regexes skills is therefore a crucial factor for effecient processing and analysis of textual data.

This course is designed from a perspective of a student who has no prior knowledge of Regexes and the tools that are used to implement regexes. The course starts from the very basic concepts and then built on top of those basic concepts and move towards more advanced topics such as Assertions, Back referencing and Conditions.

To get the real feel of Regexes in solving and analyzing real life problems, the course includes a dedicated section on some real life examples of regexes.

The course is fun and exciting, but at the same time we dive deep into regexes to uncover its power of formulating and analyzing real life problems. The course is structured into seven Parts. Below is the detailed outline of this course.


  • Section 1: Introduction and getting started with regexes
  • Section 2: Character Classes
  • Section 3: Anchors and Word Boundaries
  • Section 4: Repetitiongs using Quantifiers
  • Section 5: Group Constructs
  • Section 6: Assertions, Conditions and Backreferencing
  • Section 7: Practical Examples

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Dr. Nouman Azam (Your Matlab Professor)

Basic knowledge We cover everything from scratch and therefore do not require any prior knowledge

Who should take this course

Anyone looking to build a programming career, analyze and retrieve textual data or want to poolish his coding skills.


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Course content

What will you learn

  • Develop beginer to advance level skills of writing Regular Expressions (A must have skills for IT professionals and data scientists)
  • Gain hands-on experience of building regular expressions for real world problems
  • Apply the knowledge of regular expressions learned in the course to almost any programming language like Python, Java, Linux, Php, Ruby, C#, Rust, MATLAB
  • Solve complicated regex building challenges based on the concepts covered in the course

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Simpliv understands the changing needs and allows the global learners to evaluate their technical abilities by aligning the learnings to key business objectives in order to fill the skills gaps that exist in the various business areas including IT, Marketing, Business Development, and much more.

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