Hand Analysis- A Quick Way To Get To Know Someone

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Wouldn't you like to obtain a wealth of information about the person from the hand and how they shake your hand? When you meet someone the first thing you see is the hand. Using a process that is called chirognomy and combining this with a rudimentary body language interpretation you can see if this person will be the jealous type, cruel or the person you wish to have as your best buddy.Our hands are going to show you a side of yourself and others, that you may not have thought of, considered or known before.

What is chirognomy?

Hand analysis is divided into two areas: the interpretation of line formations (chiromancy), and the study of comparative shapes (overall hand structure, finger, palm, and thumb shape), called chirognomy. This course is especially beneficial for anyone working in a business, therapeutic or managerial environment or who has an interest in themselves and others. It also forms the base course for anyone who wishes to continue in studying the hand.

Basic knowledge:

  • Eyesight and knowledge of English

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Any one who desires to learn it.


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Reading the hands is simple but it can show when you are not using all of the gifts you have been given. It can show you the strengths and weaknesses in yourself, your friends and colleagues. In this course we will explore how you can use the appearance of the hand to identify, strengths and weaknesses. You will learn to identify illness and disorders from looking at the nails and the skin.You will be able to understand what a person means when they shake your hand and the unconscious messages they are giving you.You can use what you see in their hands to build people up. You do that by talking to them about their inner talents and abilities, which they carry with them wherever they go and that cannot be taken from them, of course you can also break them down by telling them the weaknesses, but I hope you will not do that.

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