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Get 3 Times More Grant Funding While Cutting Your Time By 80%

Something amazing happened to me after about 12 years of grant writing and a 92% success rate on all my grants. When I finished writing grant proposal #52, I looked down at my watch.

I noticed that it had only taken me four hours to pull everything together for that proposal.

Somehow, I had magically gone from writing my first grant proposal in 100 hours to writing my last proposal (for four times the amount of money) in only four hours.

How did I go from writing a $125,000 grant with 100 hours of work to a $420,000 grant with only 4 hours of work?

That's what this course is about!

The secret is to be GRANT READY and have a system in place before an RFP (Request For Proposal) comes from a funder, before a grant funding opportunity ever gets announced.

Whether you need $400 or $4,000 or even $400,000, this grant readiness system really works.

What U.S. grant-making foundations and corporations have in common is that they are looking for similar documents that largely fall into four key categories:

  • Governance (i.e., annual reports, list of board members, etc.)
  • Financial (i.e., annual operating budget, IRS form 990, etc.)
  • Legal (i.e., IRS letter of determination, etc.)
  • Program (i.e., qualifications of personnel, problem statement, population served, budget, etc.)

The above four categories are at the core of documents you should collect up front. They constitute the first four sections of the six (6) primary tabs/folders that should be in your 3-ring binder and system in the cloud:

  • Financial
  • Governance
  • GuideStar Exchange Program
  • Legal
  • Program Management
  • Public Disclosures

In this course, you will learn what documents to collect up front to be GRANT READY!

Use Your Course & 6 Checklists to Create Your Grant Readiness 3-Ring Binder & Folders "In the Cloud"

Basic knowledge

  • Staff, board member or volunteer for "grant eligible" charities, schools, government agencies & hospitals
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (to view checklist PDFs)

Who should take this course

  • Beginning grant writers (paid or volunteer)
  • Freelance writers looking to add grant proposal writing to their skillset
  • Staff, administrators, board members, and volunteers with "grant eligible" charities, schools, government agencies & hospitals


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Course content

What will you learn

  • Assess your agency's capacity for grant seeking
  • Demonstrate accountability and transparency
  • Create a 3-ring binder with 6 tabs
  • Create 6 folders of shared documents "in the cloud"
  • Respond more quickly to an RFP or funding opportunity
  • Determine the best matches between funders and specific programs

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