How to Build an Enterprise-Wide Meta Data Repository

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About this Course:

As corporations increase in size and complexity securing managing and insuring the integrity and accuracy of internal data becomes a critical component to continued corporate growth. If a corporation is growing there will come a time in each entity's evolution where an ELDR (Enterprise Level Data Repository or Meta Data Repository) becomes an integral component to the organizations information systems architecture.

This course provides the student with the knowledge required to:

  • Justify the need for an ELDR within the corporation
  • Construct a set of Best Practices or Principles for it's design
  • Design and build the Framework for the services the ELDR will provide
  • Design the resulting architecture required for the ELDR
  • Define the rules for the data or information to be stored within the ELDR - Data Dictionary operational decision support etc.
  • Define the categories of data data integrity data security etc.
  • Define the rules processes and structures required to check-in check-out and modify data or information stored within the ELDR (Management Framework)
  • Define the application components that will comprise the ELDR system

This course is designed to support the ongoing efforts of an IT department and its data architects and managers in designing building and maintaining a corporation's business operational and decision support information systems. It is an advanced course most useful to database architects senior information systems analysts and systems development personnel.

Basic knowledge:

  • Students should have a pre-existing knowledge of designing building and or supporting databases in a corporate environment or be involved in some capacity relating to extracting data and reporting information within a corporation


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Course content

What you will learn:

  • Students will learn best practices relating to architecting Meta Data Repositories for a corporation
  • Students will learn how to implement and manage meta data repositories in corporations
  • Students will learn how to implement and operate geographically dispersed meta data repositories for complex organizations


  • Introduction and Enterprise Level Data Repository Frameworks
  • Enterprise Level Data Repositories - Strategies Rationale and Implications

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