How to Develop Gravitas: Be the Voice of Wisdom and Influence

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About this Course:

Do People Pay Attention when You Speak?

You want your words to carry weight you want people to listen to you want to speak with authority you want to be trusted. You even want to be sought out for your opinions insights and advice.

What you need is gravitas.

And here is where you will learn how to develop it in a simple five step programme.

What are the symptoms?

You know you need to develop more gravitas if people tend to ignore your advice if people sometimes switch-off when you are speaking if it seems like they don't trust your judgement.

Who needs gravitas?

If you want to further your career you need gravitas. It is that commanding impression of authority judgement and wisdom that people look to when they want a leader when they need advice or when someone has to give them confidence in the future.

That can be you.

Do you want:

People to take you seriously? - To feel confident among older more experienced colleagues or clients? - To hold the attention of a room full of people? - A position of trust influence and authority? - Your ideas and insights to be welcomed and embraced? - Promotion at a young age? - People to pay attention and take notice of you? - You career to move forwards and upwards? - Can Gravitas Be Learned?

We recognize gravitas when we encounter a set of attitudes and behaviors that conform to our expectations of authority credibility and wisdom. You can learn these attitudes and behaviors and you will with this five step course.

What makes gravitas does depend to a degree on the culture and society you live and work in. This course is designed for people in Western English-speaking cultures. But much of the advice will also be true for other cultures.

Think of the INFLUENCE and IMPACT you can have when people seek you out and listen to your views.

What if you have questions?

I will be on hand to answer your questions if you get stuck puzzled or just want to know more. As a professional trainer this is what I do and I promise to respond within 24 hours of your question arriving with me from Simpliv.

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Basic knowledge:

  • You won't need anything before you start this course
  • But you will want to find some work and social situations to try out these methods as soon as you can

Who should take this course

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for you if you want to be taken seriously
  • It is for you if you want others to trust your judgement
  • It is for you if you notice people switch off when you speak but it is not for people who want to be the life and soul of the party the class clown or be constantly trying hard to dominate
  • Instead it is for you if you want to dominate quietly without seeming to try


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Course content

What you will learn:

  • Influence the people around you
  • Project gravitas
  • Hold an audience of one two or two thousand
  • Think like someone with the credibility of deep experience
  • Choose your actions to emphasize your gravitas
  • Look the part
  • Choose what you say to give your ideas impact
  • Select how to speak so your words carry weight


  • Introduction: What is this gravitas thing? And so what?
  • Step 1: How to Think - If you want people to listen you need substance
  • Step 2: How to Look - Fake it 'til you Become it. Stand and Move with Impact
  • Step 3: How to Act: Be the Person People want to Trust
  • Step 4: What to Say: Understand the things people want to listen to
  • Step 5: How to Say it: Your Words will Matter when You Choose them with Care
  • Bonus Items: Yes there's even more.

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