How To Do A Backflip - The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

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About this Course:

How To Do A Backflip For Beginners! Learn the Backflip in a safe, efficient and comfortable way with this unique online course!

Wether you are a tricker or an acrobat, a martial artist, someone who loves fitness and training, a traceur or free-runner, a stuntman, a dancer or maybe a fresh beginner - this course is especially designed and the perfect course for anyone willing to learn the backflip!

This course will help your backflip training and you will know how to do a backflip on ground!

While there are plenty of good tutorials out there that show how to learn a backflip, it is difficult to find a comprehensive course like this which includes different methods and tactics to learn this challenging skill. After doing thousand of backflips over the years I know that there doesn't exist only one way to learn the backflip. It totally depends on the person and what might work for one person may doesn't work for someone else.

It's merely the combination of different methods and understanding the key elements which creates this bulletproof way to learn the backflip and lead you to success!

Course Bonuses:

  • 5 different methods of learning the backflip featured in one course!
  • All the tutorials and lessons are built upon each other and everything comes from one source.
  • Direct feedback from me your instructor...if you get stuck you can ask anytime and get immediate help!
  • Know how to backflip is a great level-up and gives you the perfect foundation to learn more advanced acrobatic movements!

The key things you will learn:

  • Know the correct starting position and setup for the backflip
  • Understand the technique and most important key elements
  • Practice three special pre-exercises to strengthen and condition your body
  • Learn the backflip by using five different methods and combining them
  • Learn how to do a backflip without being scared
  • Land the backflip for the first time alone without any help
  • Learn more advanced tactics to further improve your backflip
  • Continue to do backflips all over the place and have fun

Contents and Overview:

The course starts with a brief introduction to myself and the course structure so that you know how to follow the lessons. Then you will get to know the basis of the basis which'll learn how to setup for the backflip correctly. This is what you need to learn first because it is the most important thing at all! Before starting with the actual practice of the backflip you will learn three great pre-exercises to condition and prepare your body. These exercises contain the key elements and are ideal to memorise the correct motion. However, how much you will practice those exercises totally depends on your current level of fitness and you can do them more or less. Once you know about the correct technique, the key elements and the pre-exercises you are ready to start with practicing the backflip motion. You will get to know five different methods of learning a backflip. Each method is broken down in easy to follow steps and you can practice at your own pace. Take the method which feels most likeable for you or combine different methods and work yourself up to the backflip - step by step - until you will land it for the first time! At the end when you mastered the backflip you will find more tips and tricks in the bonus lesson. They will help you to improve the technique even more and really make your backflip solid as a rock!

After finishing the course you will not only be able to land a backflip - you will also have a really nice and solid one! If you want to learn how to do a backflip, this course is for you! Are you ready to enter the backflip game?

Don't hesitate because with this online course you can totally take it at your own pace. Even though you might be too busy right now you can enrol today and take the course at any other time.

Have fun and thank you so much for your interest!

See you inside!

Tom Inauen / TOMTRICKS

(Disclaimer Notice: In order to perform the exercises effectively and safely you should be in good physical condition prior to beginning the course. By registering for the course or performing these exercises you understand that exercising can lead to physical injury. If you engage in any exercise suggested by Thomas Inauen, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Thomas Inauen from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown arising out of Thomas Inauen's negligence.)

Basic knowledge:

  • Having a basic level of fitness and a predilection for acrobatic motions is recommended
  • Access to a training facility with crash mats would be great but is not necessary. There are methods in this course which only require one soft crash mat or even no mats at all
  • Motivation and patience to practice regularly

Who should take this course

Who is the target audience?

Any one who desires to learn it.


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Course content

What you will learn:

  • Practice the setup of the backflip and learn the basis of the flip
  • Learn the technical key elements and understand how and why the backflip works
  • Practice special pre-exercises to strengthen and condition your body for the motion
  • Practice the backflip by choosing 5 different methods depending on what's most likeable for you
  • Switch between the training methods and use the tips and tricks which work for you to land the backflip
  • Learn to do a backflip easily!

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