How To Flourish In Freelancing: 8 Steps To Long Term Success

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What comes to mind when you hear the word? For some, freelancing means financial freedom and flexibility of time. For others, the promise is not quite that simple. For most, this sought freedom seems to be an elusive vision never coming to fruition.

Whether you're looking for a web designer, copy writer, or business consultant, there is a freelancer to help you move your project and organization forward.

Freelancing Is Difficult. Are You Ready For This Rewarding Challenge?

Here are The Eight Vital Achievements Of Freelancing

Fully Committed To Freelance

For some, freelancing isn't even on the radar because the focus of life is on survival. Others dream about freelancing while others started and abandoned it because the difficulty that comes with it. It is the few who fully commit pushing beyond these difficulties into a life of flourishing. A quick way to test our own commitment is to ask what we will do when paying projects disappear. Will you look for a job or will you seek out the next project?

Offerings In A Compelling Package

A strong freelancing foundation is built around knowing our financial goals, what solutions we offer and how we'll work with our customers. Once we know these details, we'll refine them in the publishing and promotion process. It's hard for people to hire us when they don't know how we can help them. Can you concisely communicate this when clients ask?

Steady Stream Of Paying Clients

Finding the first client can feel like a difficult task. Tapping into a constant stream can feel impossible and something we can't do on our own. It is in this achievement where we must find new work consistently while also building a community of advocates to help share the burden. When the rubber meets the road, do you know how to drum up new paying projects?

Maximize Active Clients

The highest impact least effort activity we can do to increase income is by maximizing the paying work we do with our existing clients. Here we build agenda-free relationships, passive income streams, and ongoing client engagements towards a place where we only work with our sweet spot clients. Are you providing the most value possible to your customers?

Escape The Roller Coaster

Feast and famine is the common occurrence for freelancers, especially in the early years. It doesn't have to be this way. We can build a system that helps us prevent and respond to the financial and emotional ups and downs that come with freelancing. Are you riding the roller coaster or have you made the wise decision to step off?

Wise & Precise Financial Management

We can quickly go from success to failure with a few bad financial decisions. Independent freelancers need to get legit, track what matters, get paid on-time and proactively manage taxes. Do you have the financial visibility to make wise decisions?

Unified Personal and Work Lives

Our work quickly becomes a burden when it's no longer enjoyable or lacks meaning. When we're drained from this burden, it affects our health, family and friends. To sustain our vocation over the long haul, we need to easily adapt, communicate with those we care about while also resting and living a healthy life. It's not easy to bring our personal and professional lives together, but it's well worth it. Is freelancing driving you towards or away from your values and goals?

Share What We've Mastered

Others benefit from us sharing with them, as it is difficult to do it alone. In our journey we glean wisdom from lessons learned. This is valuable insight to share privately and publicly. It is the process of teaching what we've mastered that helps us fully understand what we know and why we know it. It's the final and most important step in our journey to success. Who are you helping

Basic knowledge The best way to make the most of your freelancing career is to better understand what to expect from the journey and how to prepare for it. Clear financial and personal goals give us an advantage and clarity when we move forward as freelancers. This course will help prepare and empower you for the journey.

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  • How freelancers can work effectively
  • How to define and answer what it means to be intentional
  • Steady Stream Of Paying Clients
  • Maximize Active Clients
  • Escape The Roller Coaster
  • Wise & Precise Financial Management
  • Unified Personal and Work Lives
  • Explore a system for working with freelancers

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