How to Open a Company in POLAND

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Company registration in Poland step by step. You are going to take a lot into your own hands , because you've had enough of working for someone and listening to your supervisor's constant dissatisfaction. You are pissed off by your current job or you just have a great idea and you want to make a fortune for it . Of course, you can change it. there is a possibility that you can start your own business from now on.

Start your own business from now on!

Do not postpone this decision for later. It is not known how your life will go further, and postponing the start of your own business can cause that you will never start it. And then you can have a huge regret to yourself that you did not do it. And there is nothing worse than a guilty conscience for the rest of your life just because you have put off making the final decision for later and the chance is gone. There are many different legal forms for running your own business in Poland and around the world. Each of these forms sets different requirements and obligations for the entrepreneur. It offers other benefits in various areas of business.

For people who are just taking their first steps in business, studying all of the legal forms of running their own business can be a bit difficult.

At the beginning, however, all these forms are not so important, and while exploring all the legal aspects you lose only your valuable time and put aside what is the most important or ACTION .

Where to start?

However, before you start operating, you should legalize your own business so as not to expose yourself to the financial penalties that you face in the shadow economy. At the very beginning of the start, the most beneficial and, above all, the cheapest form of running your own business is running a sole proprietorship. However, for someone who is just starting to register a sole proprietorship, the whole process may not be understandable or difficult.

If you face the challenge of getting answers to similar questions like:

  • Where and how to report your intention to run a sole proprietorship
  • How much does it cost to register your business
  • How long does the whole process take
  • How to decide on key issues whether to become a VAT tax or not
  • Which form of taxation will be the most advantageous
  • What obligations are imposed on people running their own business
  • What privileges I will have when I run a one-man activity
  • Will I be able to hire employees
  • What documents do I need to fill out?
  • You are on the right track, because after answering the above-mentioned questions, only one small step will separate you from starting your own business. Namely, taking action and registering a sole proprietorship.
  • As soon as you register, you can now tell the world that you have chosen a new direction in life, and that the direction is to run your own business. This is undoubtedly a very proud feat. You can count on great recognition among your friends and family, as well as your family.
  • However, before this happens, you will have to face the reality of the entire registration process. Analyzing the whole process, all information related to it can cause a headache.
  • Not everyone feels strong and able to answer all key questions. Whether to make key decisions immediately on all mandatory issues.
  • Such terms as VAT due, VAT calculated, NIP, REGON, Tax card, tax deductible costs may not be comprehensible. And there is no reason to be surprised, because in ordinary schools, they do not teach the basic things related to the world of business and finance in the economic profile.

Your education does not matter:

  • If you do not have an economic education then this fact does not exclude you from the possibility of running your own business. I perfectly understand that you can feel lost in all this.
  • Do not feel strong enough to get through this. I had it at the beginning too. Enough willingness and an open mind for new challenges. That was in my case I had the desire to act and I did it. I hope that if you put it on your own, you'll do it, or start your own business.

Where to look for support?

  • For those who need substantive support in the process of registering a sole proprietorship, I have recorded a video. Everything from the practical side, i.e. a person who has passed through the registration procedure successfully and still runs my own business today.
  • Access to the materials you get for a fee, because it is so that if a man receives for free it does not respect it. I know that if I pay for something, I approach it with greater commitment. And it is from your commitment and focus that you achieve success.

The video material presents the most important issues when registering a sole proprietorship, such as:

  • When there is an obligation to register activities
  • Where business activity is registered
  • How to register a business
  • What forms of taxation are optional
  • All rights and obligations of the entrepreneur
  • What we are obliged to do by running our own company
  • What are the costs of registering a company
  • What is the cost of running your own business
  • Which recipes are worth checking out to avoid penalties
  • Where to look for support
  • All practical knowledge at your fingertips.

Do not be afraid that it is not understandable at first. This is normal because some of these issues are new to you.

However, one thing is certain when deciding to run your own business can significantly improve your current financial situation and simply improve the quality of your current life. Regardless of whether you watch the video that I have recorded for you or do not wish you success in the business world.

Basic knowledge:

  • Focusing and listening with understanding
  • Concentration
  • Determination

Who should take this course

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Any one who desires to learn it.


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What you will learn:

  • Register your sole proprietorship at the lowest possible cost
  • Lead a company in Poland

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