Introduction to Adult Nursing

Can be taken anytime (12 months)
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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

There are few careers that are as rewarding as Nursing, or that allow you to work with such a variety of people. Our Nursing courses will give you the specialist skills, education and training needed to prepare you for the workplace. The daily responsibility for protecting the patient from additional injury or illness rests with the nursing team. Following on from the Introduction to Nursing Studies course, the learner is now introduced to the essential elements of adult patient care.

Who should take this course

• This course normally suits people who want to work while they study. If you work within the health care sector (usually at assistant practitioner level), you may be supported by your employer to complete the course. • Anyone looking to work as a Nursing Assistant or other role in the health care sector. This could be in the NHS or any other private sector

Career options after graduation

• Experienced nurses find fulfilling careers in positions of responsibility, often running nurse-led clinics, or taking leadership roles at the executive level. It is possible to develop your career in clinical, research, education and management roles. A typical day in nursing is busy and diverse, and nurses don’t just work in hospitals. • Becoming an Adult Nurse is a rewarding career that will create you more opportunities in the job market. This course teaches you the theory behind Adult Nursing. If you are in an ambition to becoming an adult nurse, this is the right path for you. This course is a first step you to become an adult nurse where you will learn the theory applying for adult nursing and that will help you to get practice of nursing.



Course content

Course Curriculum 1: Introduction To Nursing 2: Communication In Nursing 3: Health And Safety For Nursing 4: Hygiene For Nursing 5: Infection Control 6: Asepsis 7: Medication Administration For Nursing 8: Understanding Immune System In Nursing 9: Rest And Sleep For Nurses 10: Mobility And Immobility Issues In Nursing 11: Pain Management For Nurses 12: Nutrition 13: Fluid And Electrolyte Balance 14: Elimination 15: Oxygenation In Nursing

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