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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

The ITIL Foundation Certification – IT Service Management course provides learners an in-depth knowledge of ITIL basic concepts, structure and terminology of the core ITIL principles and practices. This is an entry level course which helps learners gain the skills required to work with service management in relation to an organisation. The course provides comprehensive understanding for learners to pass the foundation exam. The objective of the course is to use service management to contribute to ongoing service improvement.

The ITIL Foundation Certification – IT Service Management course discusses awareness of selected processes, awareness of selected functions, technology and architecture and competence and training.

Who should take this course

• The course is aimed at individuals with basic understanding of the ITIL framework. • IT Operations Managers. • IT Professionals working within an organisation. • Technical decision makers.

Career options after graduation

• IT Architect (average UK yearly salary: £57,806) • IT Security Manager (average UK yearly salary: £51,234) • Systems Architect (average UK yearly salary: £50,210) • Systems Engineer (average UK yearly salary: £29,154) • Developer (average UK yearly salary: £30,651) • IT Project Manager (average UK yearly salary: £42,549)



Course content

Course Curriculum Introduction ➤ Module 01: Course Introduction 1.0 Lesson: Course Organization 2.0 Lesson: Course Conventions ➤ Module 02: Introduction To Itsm 1.0 Lesson: Itsm As A Practice 2.0 Lesson: Itsm Lifecycle 3.0 Lesson: Itsm Summary ➤ Module 03: Continual Service Improvement 1.0 Lesson: Csi Introduction 2.0 Lesson: 7-Step Improvement Process 3.0 Lesson: Csi Summary ➤ Module 04: Service Operation 1.0 Lesson: Introduction To Service Operation 2.0 Lesson: Service Operation Processes 3.0 Lesson: Service Operation Functions 4.0 Lesson: Service Operation Summary ➤ Module 05: Service Transition 1.0 Lesson: Introduction To Service Transition 2.0 Lesson: Service Transition Processes 3.0 Lesson: Summary Of Service Transition ➤ Module 06: Service Design 1.0 Lesson: Service Design Introduction 2.0 Lesson: Service Design Processes 3.0 Lesson: Service Design Summary ➤ Module 07: Service Strategy 1.0 Lesson: Service Strategy Introduction 2.0 Lesson: Service Strategy Activities 3.0 Lesson: Service Strategy Summary

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