JavaScript Draw on HTML5 Canvas Element

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About this Course:

JavaScript Practice Exercise - Learn to use JavaScript and create an interactive mouse drawing application from scratch. Use JavaScript to draw on HTML5 Canvas element.

Course helps you learn more about JavaScript by doing, See how you can apply JavaScript to connect to your HTML5 canvas element, listen for event like mouse down on the canvas element and more. Draw lines, change their colors, change the width of the line being draw, save your work within this mini web application. The scope of this course is to help you learn JavaScript, focused on applying code logic and building functioning code from scratch to make something with code from start to finish.

Prefect course for beginners to learn JavaScript!!! Step by step learning with all steps included. Fun and exciting way to learn and practice JavaScript. by applying what is presented in the lessons and building your own version of the applications. Make it even better, style it and try out JavaScript.

Beginner JavaScript knowledge is required as the course covers only JavaScript relevant to the building of the countdown timer. Also HTML and CSS knowledge is essential as scope of this course is all JavaScript focused.

  • Setup your html and css
  • Connect to canvas element and draw
  • Setup you defaults for drawing
  • Add event listeners for user interaction
  • Build the drawing functions
  • Save you work to an image element
  • Save you work triggering a download link on save creating a dynamic javascript element
  • All this is included and a whole lot more.

Along with friendly support in the Q&A to help you learn and answer any questions you may have.

Start building your own version of the countdown timer today!!!!

Basic knowledge:

  • Basic JavaScript knowledge
  • HTML and CSS experience
  • Desire to learn JavaScript

Who should take this course

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn an practice JavaScript
  • Web developers
  • Beginners to JavaScript
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about using JavaScript


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Course content

What you will learn:

  • Apply JavaScript to draw on HTML5 Canvas
  • Save Canvas content using JavaScript

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