Land Management Diploma

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Would like to have a successful career out of your commitment to the environment? With City Business School's Diploma in Land Management, you can help manage the natural resources of a land in the long term. This training course helps you develop the skills needed to be able to manage staffs, monitor biodiversity, develop the management plan for a designated land area. You will learn how to conduct different surveys, the skills in developing policies and procedures for the sustainability of a workplace.

This Land Management Diploma course, helps learners in gaining a comprehensive knowledge to lead in the land management industry and the importance of natural resources management, how management of land plays a vital role to nature and in the society, how to manage staffs and lead teams to implement land management strategies, increase your earning potential, and much more.

Who should take this course

Anyone interested



Course content

This online training course is comprehensive and it provides you with the solid grounding in land management in line with current industry standards. It is also designed to cover various key topics listed under the curriculum.

Upon completion of this course, you will learn the concepts of Land Management. You will also have a good understanding of environmental science and the general knowledge in land management, the ability needed to improve the value of a land, the skills needed to manage natural area restoration programs, and so much more.

Course Benefits

There are many benefits to earning a Diploma in Land Management. Successful students of this program will develop high skills that will enable them be an effective manager in the land management industry. This knowledge may lead to increased job opportunities and higher salaries. Successful students will learn the needed approach for land management and conducting biological surveys. You will also learn how to negotiate, monitor and execute contracts. Also, you will get the knowledge of and a thorough foundation in managing occupational health and safety processes, skills in designing control structures and measures, skills in developing and implementing a management strategy for the environment, Skills and knowledge in handling flood mitigation and so on.

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Qualification Assessment

All our qualifications are assessed on the basis of written course works.

About Course Provider

City Business School offers students a well-balanced college experience via online courses. We are nimble enough to honor your individual needs as a student while our years of experience provides exceptional online training that will help you achieve your career and life goals. At CBS, we get to know you and celebrate your successes. Then, we help you turn those successes into a fulfilling career.

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