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The exciting part of learning a language is being able to communicate and knowing others can understand you. In English Online Level 8, take your skills up a notch, and learn how to make your spoken and written English much more interesting!Learn to talk about the past, present and future, and spice up your vocabulary with a range of phrasal verbs, synonyms (words with the same meaning), and descriptive words for people, places and where you live. You know you are making progress when you can make plans, follow directions and shop with confidence! Discover how to express wishes and regrets using conditionals to talk about real and hypothetical situations both in the present and past tenses.Find out how to use question tags, linking words and extended answers to continue the conversation, and broaden your communication skills to be able to express emotions and feelings. Level 8 also focuses on improving your listening skills, with several situational dialogues.Whether making plans with friends, going on a trip, or out shopping, learn how to express yourself accurately and with confidence.

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Course content

The following 11 subjects form the core of the courses:

  • Lesson 1 - Tenses Review
  • Lesson 2 - What have you been doing?
  • Lesson 3 - Past Perfect
  • Lesson 4 - Past Perfect Questions and Answers
  • Lesson 5 - Past Perfect Review
  • Lesson 6 - Past Simple and Past Perfect
  • Lesson 7 - What Happened?
  • Lesson 8 - Past Tenses Practice
  • Lesson 9 - Grammar Practice Parts of the Sentence
  • Lesson 10- Suffixes
  • Lesson 11 - Happy Idioms
  • Lesson 12 - Adverbs of Time
  • Lesson 13 - State Verbs
  • Lesson 14 - Numbers
  • Lesson 15 - Phrasal Verbs - Look
  • Lesson 16 - Modal Verbs
  • Lesson 17 - Verbs Practice
  • Lesson 18 - Inventions
  • Lesson 19 - Weather Forecast
  • Lesson 20 -Traveling Around
  • Lesson 21 - Traveling Idioms
  • Lesson 22 - Verb Patterns
  • Lesson 23 - Job Adverts
  • Lesson 24 - CV Vocabulary
  • Lesson 25 - Present Perfect
  • Lesson 26 -Present Perfect Time Expressions
  • Lesson 27 -Present Perfect Continuous Use
  • Lesson 28 -Present Simple & Present Continuous
  • Lesson 29 - Tenses Practice
  • Lesson 30 - Applying for a Job
  • Lesson 31 -Phrasal Verbs

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