Learn How To Code In C # While Creating Your Own Game With Unity 2018

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Welcome to this first volume , focused on learning the basics of C # , clearly oriented for video games. In this course you will learn how to code your first video game in C # with Unity 2018 in a progressive way. Indeed, starting Unity without a solid programming base is a utopia. You will never be an autonomous developer, if you do not adopt reflexes and good practices. Thus in this volume 1 of the series "Code video games in C # - Unity Developer", you will actually learn to code in order to eventually create your own systems for your future games. In this course you will learn to "speak" the C # , while specializing in video games !!

Create your first video game with Unity. Realize the game of +/- in console mode, then under Unity in windowed mode! In the end you will have a finalized game.


At first and while presenting the basics of the C # language (variables, loops, conditions, functions, notion of scope, separation of views and more ...), we will develop the mini-game of +/- in console mode. This will allow us to focus primarily on the concept of algorithm and especially logic, essential to any developer. In addition we will see some good coding practices from the very beginning: setting up an application, separating views from business logic, dev mode, breaking code into functions ...

Gradually we will see essential points for any beginner, on the Unity: Start / Update API , create your first project, set up the project, discover the Unity UI, build a PC, Use the console, use some Keyboard and mouse input, function call from the interface.

So on each new notion , a parallel will be made with Unity .

Finally we will integrate your script initially pure C #, in the Unity editor to enjoy an interface for the mini-game. This will be an opportunity to learn how to use an existing script to use the Unity user interface (UI). In the end you will have made your first complete video game. This game can be launched from your PC, via an executable ... like a real game!

This course is compatible with Unity 5, Unity 2107 and Unity 2018. If you encounter difficulties while learning, you can use the Questions / Answers section and I will do my best to unlock you. Start now, through this first volume, your "Developer Unity" training. Join the course by clicking on Follow this course at the top right.

Basic knowledge: No prior knowledge! Everything is detailed and explained in this course. Have a computer (PC - Mac) Install Unity (2017 or 2018) - I will guide you through the installation of the latest version Install VS Code - I will guide you through the installation of your work environment

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Any one who desires to learn it.


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What you will learn:

  • Discover the basics of C # (variables, conditions, loops, functions)
  • Create a mini-game in pure C # under VS Code
  • Integrate written logic in C # into Unity
  • Develop your first PC / Mac video game with Unity 2018

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