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Learn Russian, and make sure you are up to speed with Russian ''Formalnost'' (Formality)Russia is expected to be the largest consumer market in Europe by 2025, and Russians are travelling and spending a significant amount of money overseas. Russian consumers are well educated, demanding and skeptical in relation to the information provided, so make sure you focus on facts when talking about products. Although loyal to brands they know, and there is a perception that Russia is a conservative place, Russian shoppers actually love new products and innovations and look out for new products. Knowing a few words in Russian and observing Russian "Formalnost" is a great way to catch their eye and stand out.

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Course content

The following 11 subjects form the core of the courses:

  • You may not realize that you already know a little Russian
  • Greetings of the Day
  • How are you?
  • Contact details
  • Please and thank you
  • I don't understand
  • Yes / No
  • Clothes Part 1
  • Clothes Part 2 Accessories
  • Shopping for Clothes Part 3
  • Sales Part 1
  • Sales Part 2
  • Adjectives Part 1
  • Adjectives Part 2
  • In the shop
  • Where is/are the

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