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Learn Spanish, and greet your customers with the warmth and personal touch they expect. With 470 million native speakers (560 million total speakers), Spanish ranks as the World's No. 2 language as far as the number of individuals who speak it as their first language. Imagine the number of retail visitors you will be able welcome with just a few words of this beautiful language. The great news is Spanish is the most phonetic language in the world - if you can spell it, you can say it! The Spanish are a very open and communicative people, they are great conversationalists and will welcome a friendly response and a bit of a chat when visiting your store.

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Course content

The following 11 subjects form the core of the courses:

  • You may not realize that you already know a little Spanish
    • Greetings of the Day
    • How are you?
    • More Greetings
    • Contact details
    • Please and thank you
    • I don't understand
    • Yes / No
    • Clothes Part 1
    • Clothes Part 2 Accessories
    • Shopping for Clothes Part 3
    • Sales Part 1
    • Sales Part 2
    • Adjectives Part 1
    • Adjectives Part 2
    • In the shop
    • Where is/are the

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