Learning Path - High-Performance React With Redux

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Optimize and enhance your websites and applications and take them to the next level.

It's one thing to build an app that runs well on your test system, but it's quite another to build an app that still performs well when it's live with thousands of users. What about taking them to the next level and making them cutting-edge? Interested? Let's learn how!

Packt's Video Learning Paths are a series of individual video products put together in a logical and stepwise manner such that each video builds on the skills learned in the video before it.

One of the most powerful features of React is that it follows a radically different method of application development. It re-orients developers to create in a fully componentized manner. Redux completes the missing piece of the React framework, and is used at the core of React for most complex React projects. Redux is an implementation of FLUX, which is a pattern for managing application states in React. Redux brings a clean and testable design to the table using a purely functional approach.

This Learning Path is the next step for the React full-stack web developer who wants to gain a full understanding of React development. We begin by covering React components in depth and show you how to build componentized apps and sites with reusable functionality. We will then cover JS, CSS, and React-specific tips and advanced techniques to make sure that you can build highly optimized, scalable, and production-ready applications. Finally, we'll focus on leveraging the Redux framework to impose better engineering on React applications.

The goal of this course to equip you with skills to move to the next professional level when it comes to building optimized and high-performance websites and apps with React.

This Learning Path is authored by some of the best in their fields.

Basic knowledge:

Requires basic knowledge of JS and experience with React.

Who should take this course

This Learning Path is for web developers who want to develop real-world native applications for iOS and Android. Familiarity with React .js and basics of UI development is assumed. Knowledge on JavaScript ES2015 is highly recommended.


Course Completion Certificate.

Course content

What will you learn:

  • Understand the fundamentals of React's component-based development paradigm
  • Create components using JSX
  • Use Babel to incorporate ES6 features into current browsers
  • Build a React component-based SPA
  • Reduce code complexity through improving our loops/conditions and overall enhancements to your React components
  • Create production-ready apps that perform at scale
  • Understand Flux and get to know the ins and outs of Redux
  • Solve problems using nothing but reducers, actions, and components

About Course Provider

Simpliv LLC, a platform for learning and teaching online courses. We basically focus on online learning which helps to learn business concepts, software technology to develop personal and professional goals through video library by recognized industry experts or trainers.

Why Simpliv

With the ever-evolving industry trends, there is a constant need of the professionally designed learning solutions that deliver key innovations on time and on a budget to achieve long-term success.

Simpliv understands the changing needs and allows the global learners to evaluate their technical abilities by aligning the learnings to key business objectives in order to fill the skills gaps that exist in the various business areas including IT, Marketing, Business Development, and much more.

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