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Make your JavaScript code efficient, maintainable, and scalable using the best practices of reactive and functional programming. Although JavaScript has many diverse applications, it has become 'the programming language for the Web' in the recent times. Almost always, when you see something working smoothly and interactively on the Web, you can assume that there is some JavaScript code running in the background.

Packt's Video Learning Paths are a series of individual video products put together in a logical and stepwise manner such that each video builds on the skills learned in the video before it.

JavaScript - Reactive and Functional JavaScript begins with describing what JavaScript is and how browsers use it. We get started with the essentials-the JavaScript syntax. This includes comments, operators, variables, conditionals, loops, and functions. With the basics in place, we move on to learn about reactive programming, understand its need, and also look at building simple apps with good understanding of Rx. We will start off with Bacon.js and then move on to using Rx.js for both client-side and server-side applications. The final part of this Learning Path will look at writing maintainable code. You will experience the benefits of functional programming even if your code is not purely functional. You will also learn how to write code that's easy to understand, extend, test, and debug. Hands-on practice on how to use currying, partial evaluation, map, reduce, filter, recursion, and other functional programming concepts in ES6 is also covered.

By the end of this course, you will be able to optimize your JavaScript code.

Basic knowledge:

  • A basic knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Familiarity with ECMAScript

Who should take this course

Anyone with a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and ECMAScript looking to learn JavaScript and learn how to optimize their coding skills in JavaScript can take up this course.


Course Completion Certificate.

Course content

What will you learn:

  • Learn JavaScript's basic syntax
  • Discover the Document Object Model and how to manipulate it with JavaScript and jQuery
  • Change CSS classes on HTML elements on-the-fly
  • Introduction to reactive programming + Rx in depth
  • Create operators and perform various operations such as transform, filter, combine, and error handling
  • Discover the principles of functional programming
  • Write elegant code with chaining and context binding
  • Translate SQL queries into chained map and reduce calls

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Simpliv LLC, a platform for learning and teaching online courses. We basically focus on online learning which helps to learn business concepts, software technology to develop personal and professional goals through video library by recognized industry experts or trainers.

Why Simpliv

With the ever-evolving industry trends, there is a constant need of the professionally designed learning solutions that deliver key innovations on time and on a budget to achieve long-term success.

Simpliv understands the changing needs and allows the global learners to evaluate their technical abilities by aligning the learnings to key business objectives in order to fill the skills gaps that exist in the various business areas including IT, Marketing, Business Development, and much more.

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