Level 5 Diploma in Business Management

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

The qualification has been intended to provide the foundation in the field of business management sector. They deliver recognition and professionalism to the management sectors too. We offer the students to utilise the opportunity to learn from these programs that will offer them with relevant skills and qualities. The diploma is credited to Level 5 respectively, and it has a total credit of 120 points. You are entitled to a value of 240 credits if you have completed the certificate or diploma together. This is comparable to a Foundation degree and allows access to the final year at one of our university partners for a related Honours degree. The underlying principle of the course is to ensure a career path for learners who wish to build their care capacities within the business sector. The result of the Diploma, which is an accepted UK qualification, is for the aspirants to expertise the skills needed by organisations worldwide. All the programs are designed to provide learning based on concepts and practical insights that are necessary for the companies of present and future. Apart from this, we are looking forward to building up efficient team leaders, managers and leaders through the invention and delivery of learning that are required for industry. The Certificates and diplomas play an outstanding role in the prime development in the areas of commerce. The learners have a deep knowledge and understanding of the industry as the modern threats are identified and evaluated.

Who should take this course

Entry Criteria:

The qualifications have been intended to be open without any barriers that restrict access and progression. They are eligible for a centre interview, and they are expected to hold the following QUALIFI Level 5 Diploma in Business Management:

  • Learners who possess Qualifications at Level 3 and or 4;
  • Learners who have work experience at a managerial level and demonstrate ambition with clear career goals;
  • Learners who possess a first degree in another discipline and want to develop their careers in business.



Course content

Qualification Structure The qualification covers intricate and disputing organisational opportunities and threats. The functioning of the units is comparable to the real world challenges and the qualification will examine and build up experience and skills of the students at a workplace. The qualification will encourage the learners to make decisions and develop creative and practical solutions. It also deals with improving their ability to handle the threats faced by the organisations. The Level 5 units are likewise intended to dovetail into a top-up undergraduate year at a UK university. The Qualification is made up of 6 units. All units are mandatory and required by learners for the Level 5 Diploma in Business Management.

  • Responding to the Changing Business Environment
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Business Development
  • Business Models and Growing Organisations
  • Customer Management
  • Risk Management and Organisations

About Course Provider

School of Business London is dedicated to offering higher and professional education courses for students worldwide via Classroom, Blended and Distance Learning. SBL strategically and conveniently employ Blended Learning, where a portion of the traditional face-to-face instruction is replaced by web-based learning using hybrid-teaching technology. SBL is an approved centre of Chartered Management Institute (CMI) to offer their Management and Leadership programs. Moreover, School of Business London is partnering with London School of Marketing (The Associate College of Anglia Ruskin University and University of Northampton) and offers broad ranges of British Degree programmes awarded by Anglia Ruskin University, University of Northampton and the University of Bedfordshire. Furthermore, SBL is the accredited centre of IBT Qualifications and offers various Diploma Qualifications in Information Technology, Business Administration and Project Management.

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