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Own your time. Be your own boss and make a living doing what you love.

So you have probably taken some courses here at 2D Animation 101 (cheers and thank you so much for your support!) and if you are dedicated then you have perfected a skill or are on your way to do so.

Well. Now what?

I see 2 options:

  • Keep those skills as a hobby.

Or... (drum roll please...)

  • Make a living with it.

The typical scenario is that whenever you learn a new skill that you really enjoy like drawing storyboarding animating doing motion graphics animated presentations animated typography etc. Anyway whenever you find that thing you enjoy doing people around you say: that's nice now why don't you go out and get a real job?

And so you go out and find a job at an office doing something you don't like so you can earn a living. And then you enjoy your free time perfecting your skills. Vacation time? Perfect! Now you can do more of what you love. This is the normal lifestyle of most Americans.

Can't you do something about it? What if there was a way to earn some money with your skills? What if you didn't need vacations because you enjoyed the whole year doing what you love and making a living?

Pablo Picasso once said: Never permit a dichotomy to rule your life a dichotomy in which you hate what you do so you can have pleasure in your spare time. Look for a situation in which your work will give you as much happiness as your spare time. So. You can have a dichotomy in your life and keep those skills as a hobby or you can find ways to make a living with it. Confucius the ancient Chinese philosopher said: Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.


If you decided to do what you love and make a living with it you could do one of 2 things:

  • Find a job in which you can get paid doing what you love


  • Work as a freelancer

If you are a 2D animator and are really good at it you can get hired and get a salary of around 30K dollars a year. And after some years of experience you can double that to 60K dollars a year. And if you keep at it for decades you can get to 100K dollars a year.

The advantage is that you get paid doing what you love. But there is a catch your time your precious time is not yours. Your time will now belong to your boss. She will decide when you work when you have vacations how much you will earn and what projects to work on.

If you have no problem with that then this is the lifestyle you need to pursue.

But chances are that if you are reading this you are a Millennial and you prefer the idea of owning your own time being your own boss deciding how much to earn per month and work anywhere at any time.

This is the lifestyle of a successful freelancer.

But for this lifestyle there is also a catch. You need to promote yourself do market research handle customer service deal with angry customers manage your finances and learn about marketing so you can get people to know about your services.

Yes. With great power comes great responsibility. If you decide to make a living doing what you love but at the same time be your own boss and own your precious time then this course can help you. This course teaches you the principles of how to become a successful seller on Fiverr. Fiverr is an online marketplace that has around 20 million visits per month and not everyone who tries to sell their services end up making a living.

This course has the mission of showing you the shortcuts and the lessons learned from experienced successful Fiverr Users mixed with the knowledge of best-selling authors life coaches and marketing experts so you can save yourself some frustration. If you want to dig deeper I even give you book recommendations to further your education on personal growth. But know this this is not a get-rich quick scheme. If you decide to learn these principles you need to know that depending on your situation you will need to put in a lot of effort and time to make this dream possible.

For some people it can be an easy process and for some it can be tedious and hard at the beginning. This course will teach you how to evaluate your situation so you can know how hard or easy this can be for you.

And of course you don't need to worry because I take all the risk!

If for any reason you think the knowledge in this course will not help you get to where you want to be then you can get your money back no questions asked thanks to the 30-day money back guarantee.

But again I must emphasize this is not a get-rich quick scheme these are real world techniques used by the top sellers on fiver who make 40K a month in revenue techniques that take time to master.

If you want to get rich quick try other courses promoted by people who are looking for your money and after you get your reality check you can come back and enroll to try the real techniques and principles that work.

With us you are always welcome!

Enroll today and learn to be your own boss be the master of your time and make a living doing what you love.

See you inside!

Basic knowledge:

  • You should be able to use a PC at a beginner level

Who should take this course

Who is the target audience?:

  • Animators and Designers who want to start making money as a freelancer
  • Adobe Illustrator who can trace images and want to make money using their skills


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Course content

What you will learn:

  • You will learn how to make money online on Fiverr
  • You will be able to work as a freelancer and get paid for doing animation or graphic design


  • Introduction
  • Setting Up a Seller Account
  • Increase your Productivity
  • Selling Your Services
  • Getting Traffic
  • Customer Service
  • Conclusion

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Simpliv understands the changing needs and allows the global learners to evaluate their technical abilities by aligning the learnings to key business objectives in order to fill the skills gaps that exist in the various business areas including IT, Marketing, Business Development, and much more.

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