Master The American Accent From Scratch

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Hello and welcome dear students. Do you know that most students who don't know the general English pronunciation rules and an accent are confused a lot when listening to an English native speakers. This course is the solution. It helps you step-by-step with my simplified method of learning how to produce the sounds of The American Accent. Now, you can learn and acquire the American accent along with English phonetics(International Phonetic Alphabets) so that you can read any word through the letters like /i:/ , /e/ etc Also there are American accent exercises provided to get the most of it.Moreover,you're going to learn how to speak even faster like an English native speaker, types of intonation in which will help you to speak English confidently and clearly so that anyone would understand your English. How to feel the American accent,American accent vowel sounds,American accent consonants sounds,American accent phonetics chart and lots more.Enjoy being with us in this course.I'm glad to support you at all times.Ask questions and answers shall be given to you as soon as possible.I'm waiting you .

Basic knowledge:

This course doesn't require any prior knowledge or background about the topic because it starts from Zero to advanced level of the American accent

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Any one who desires to learn it.


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What you will learn:

  • You will be able to speak and listen to English as English native speakers.
  • Learning the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabets) so that you can read any word easily.
  • 3 types of American intonations - how native speakers speak English?
  • Some shortcuts in English conversations -Wow you speak very fast!
  • American R sound /r/ as in Far and Water
  • Ah /?:/ sound as in Car
  • Ay sound /e?/ in American accent as in Play
  • Aaa sound /

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