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Speaking many languages can transform your life and open you up to an entirely new culture, and many amazing bonds.

Learning to speak and write Spanish? Check out our best-selling Mastering Spanish Language course where you learn about Spanish origins and other interesting facts about the Spanish language.

Spanish pronunciation can seem confusing at first, so you initially will look at the letters and sounds of the Spanish alphabet. You will learn to form Spanish simple words and phrases and get close by Spanish pronouns. This course also prepares you to conjugate verbs in different tenses, make basic Spanish sentences, and familiarise with situational phrases.

Who should take this course

For people who are willing to learn a new language that is Spanish. For individuals who are ready to enhance their professional career by learning new languages.



Course content

Day-1: Getting Started with Greetings and Basic Expressions in Spanish Day-2: Recognizing Letters and Sounds in the Spanish Alphabet Day-3: Forming Spanish Nominal Words and Phrases Day-4: Getting Familiar with Spanish Pronouns Day-5: Learn to Describe with Spanish Adjectives Day-6: Making Longer and Complete Phrases with Prepositions Day-7: Introduction to Spanish Verbs Day-8: Conjugating Verbs to Present Tense Day-9: Conjugating Verbs to Past Tense and Past Participle Day-10: Conjugating Verbs to Future Tense Day-11: Forming Basic Spanish Sentences Day-12: Familiarizing Situational Phrases SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION

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