Memory Improvement for Beginners: A Condensed Course

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Welcome to the Memory Improvement for beginners: A Condensed Course

The most common misconception about a superior memory is that it is natural skill. Either you are born with a good memory or you're not .But that's not the case. The truth is you can learn a set of simple but extremely powerful techniques that you can apply every day in your life in your studies or in your careerwhich can take your memory to levels achieved only by memory experts until now.

And that's why I am here!

You may be asking yourself: Why should you choose me as your guide for this learning adventure? I believe that my clear explanations of the memory improvement concepts and techniques along with the numerous practical activities will teach you how to memorize almost anything.

In the next lessons you will find actionable easy-to-apply techniques and activities that can be used immediately to ensure your success in different situations that you face every day. In the first part of this course I will teach you the most important 9 memory techniques explained in an easy-to-understand manner with a lot of examples. Then in the second part you'll get the chance to apply what you've learned through various practical activities.

This course will take you on a journey of self-discovery showing how to develop your memory full potential and how to use it effectively in your daily life.If you consistently apply the memory techniques presented in this course in addition to improving memory in just a matter of months even weeks you will notice an improvement in the overall quality of your life.

I'm sure you will enjoy it and I can't wait to be your guide and mentor on this exciting new journey!

Chris M Nemo

Memory Improvement Writerand Blogger at The Mnemo Bay.

Basic knowledge:

  • There are no special requirements other than having an interest in this fascinating area of Memory Improvement.


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What you will learn:

  • How to memorize shopping lists or to do lists
  • How to create a MENTAL CALENDAR for appointments and anniversaries
  • How to remember WHERE YOU PUT YOUR THINGS(mobile phones keys glasses cars and so on)
  • How to use the memory methods for STUDY and I will teach you a Super Learning Method that can help you memorize entire books
  • How to use the memory techniques in your CAREER for memorizing speeches and presentations the dates and hours of your business meetings the topics that you want to discuss at these meetings and other important things for your job
  • How to memorize LONG NUMBERS like mental athletes do
  • I will teach you a powerful technique for learning ANY FOREIGN LANGUAGE
  • A step by step method for memorizing people's NAMES AND FACESan incredibly useful skill in business and social interactions that will increase your self confidence
  • Finally I will teach you how to memorize a whole DECK OF PLAYING CARDS.


  • Introduction
  • Structural Memory Techniques
  • Encoding Memory Techniques
  • Special Memory Techniques
  • Practicing the Techniques
  • Course Summary

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