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Course Overview

People need support to get refrain from weariness, distress, and clumsy situation to make a sound health. Sometimes, they cannot do that by themselves. They need supporter(s) who can assist them to get rid of this mental problem. You can be one of those supporters if you take the Mental Health Support Worker Course - Level 3 course.

The course guides you to understand the vivid aspects of mental health, problems, and mental obstacles and assists you to give an exact treatment considering the problems. The aim of the course is to make you an expert in a community so that you can make proper treatment either individually or within a group to those people who are mentally breaking down or suffering from mental health problems. At the end of the course, you can provide a great mental support to the sufferers effectively.

Who should take this course

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Certificate of Achievement

Course content

Module 1: Mental Health Basics:

  • Mental Health Basics
  • Are you Resilient
  • Take Good Care of Yourself
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Risk Factors
  • When Do You Need to See a Professional?

Module 2: Mental Health of Children:

  • Children's Mental Health Basics
  • Nurturing Positivity And Confidence
  • Recognize Changed Behaviour In Your Child
  • About Birth Defects
  • About Behavior Disorders
  • Mental Health Games For Children
  • Make Sure You Take Care Of Yourself As Well
  • Wrapping Up

Module 3: Mental Health Support Worker:

  • Introduction
  • Definition
  • Role and tasks
  • Role Clarity
  • Training, career pathway and pay
  • Worker satisfaction

Recommended Reading:

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Mock Exam:

  • Mock Exam- Mental Health Support Worker Course - Level 3

Final Exam:

  • Final Exam- Mental Health Support Worker Course - Level 3

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