Microsoft 70-448: SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance

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Course Overview

Employers worldwide are searching for IT professionals with validated skills. With a Microsoft certification in hand, you’ll certainly stand out from the crowd. Validate your skills in creating business intelligence solutions using SQL Server 2008.

This course provides an overview of the importance of business intelligence and the capabilities provided by SQL Server 2008\'s technologies, including Integration Services, Reporting Services and Analysis Services.

After completing this course, you will learn the skills and knowledge required to work effectively in a professional IT environment and prepared for the Microsoft 70-448 exam. Once certified, you’ll be qualified for jobs such as Database Administrator and Database Developer, earning an average salary of about £42,500.00 per year (source:, UK Only).

The great thing about our Microsoft 70-448: SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance course is that you are in charge of your start and finish date, with no deadline pressures!

We train our students to the very best standards, offering expert instructor-led training via our state of the art eLearning platform.

By achieving the Microsoft 70-448: SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance certification, you will create more career opportunities and be better positioned when applying for work.

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Who should take this course

IT professionals responsible for creating business intelligence solutions using Microsoft SQL Server 2008.


Certificate of Completion

Course content

Module 1: SSIS Packages

  • 1.1 Intro
  • 1.2 Lesson 1 Creating SSIS Packages
  • 1.3 Creating A New Package Lab
  • 1.4 Data Sources Lab
  • 1.5 Connections Lab
  • 1.6 Lesson 2 Control Flow
  • 1.7 Creating and Editing Control Flow Lab
  • 1.8 Lesson 3-Part 1 Data Flow
  • 1.9 Lesson 3-Part 2 Data Flow Transformations
  • 1.10 Data Flow Lab

Module 2: Debugging and Error Handling in SSIS

  • 2.1 Lesson 1 Debugging and Error Handling in SSIS-Part 1
  • 2.2 Enable Transactions and Observe Trans Rollback Lab
  • 2.3 Set Checkpoints in A Package Lab
  • 2.4 Lesson 2 Debugging and Error Handling in SSIS-Part 2
  • 2.5 Setting Up Constraints Lab
  • 2.6 Turn on Logging Lab
  • 2.7 Lesson 3 Debugging and Error Handling in SSIS-Part 3
  • 2.8 Identifying Data Flow Errors Lab

Module 3: Deploying and Configuring SSIS Packages

  • 3.1 Lesson 1-Part 1 Deploying
  • 3.2 Lesson 1-Part 2 Sharing Ordering and Configuring
  • 3.3 Create an XML Configuration Lab
  • 3.4 Create A SQL Server Configuration Lab
  • 3.5 Use A Property Expression to Update a Connection Lab
  • 3.6 Lesson 2 Deploying an SSIS Package
  • 3.7 Create and Deploy an Installer Kit Lab

Module 4: Securing and Executing SSIS Packages; Service Administration

  • 4.1 Lesson 1-Part 1 Securing and Executing SSIS Packages
  • 4.2 Lesson 1-Part 2 SSIS Package Security
  • 4.3 Turn on Package Encryption Lab
  • 4.4 Change Security Roles Lab
  • 4.5 Lesson 2 Executing and Administration
  • 4.6 Create and Execute a Command-Line Statement Lab
  • 4.7 Execute A Package Through SQL Server Agent Lab

Module 5: Data Analysis

  • 5.1 Lesson 1 SSAS Cube Development
  • 5.2 Create SSAS Project Lab
  • 5.3 Create A Data Source Lab
  • 5.4 Create A Data Source View Lab
  • 5.5 Lesson 2 Creating and Modifying SSAS Cube
  • 5.6 Creating A Cube Lab
  • 5.7 Using Cube Designer to Edit A Cube Structure Lab
  • 5.8 Lesson 3 Creating A Dimension
  • 5.9 Create A New Dimension Lab
  • 5.10 Lesson 4 Creating Measure Groups and Measures
  • 5.11 Add Measure Groups Lab
  • 5.12 Configure Measure Groups and Measures Lab

Module 6: Extending SSAS Cubes

  • 6.1 Lesson 1 Extending SSAS Cubes Part 1
  • 6.2 Define Attribute Relationships Lab
  • 6.3 Define User Hierarchy Lab
  • 6.4 Lesson 2 Extending SSAS Cube Part 2
  • 6.5 Implement the Reseller Sales KPI Lab
  • 6.6 Lesson 3 Extending SSAS Cube Part 3
  • 6.7 Turn on Proactive Caching Lab

Module 7: Extending SSAS Cubes

  • 7.1 Lesson 1-Part 1 SSAS Storage Processing and Deployment
  • 7.2 Lesson 1-Part 2 Aggregating and Enabling Proactive Caching
  • 7.3 Turning on Proactive Caching Lab
  • 7.4 Lesson 2 SSAS Deployment
  • 7.5 Deploy Database with Deployment Wizard Lab
  • 7.6 Lesson 3 Processing
  • 7.7 Processing Scripts Using SQL Server Agent Lab

Module 8: Securing and Administering SSAS

  • 8.1 Lesson 1 SSAS Security
  • 8.2 Create A Role and Set Security Lab
  • 8.3 Lesson 2 Backing Up SSAS
  • 8.4 Backing Up Data in Management Studio Lab
  • 8.5 Lesson 3 Managing SSAS Turning and Logging
  • 8.6 Turning on Query Logging Lab
  • 8.7 Lesson 4 SSAS Administering
  • 8.8 Turn on and Use SQL Server Profiler
  • 8.9 Monitor SSAS Performance Lab

Module 9: Working with SSAS Data Mining

  • 9.1 Lesson 1-Part 1 Prepare and Creating Data Mining Structures
  • 9.2 Lesson 1-Part 2 Data Mining Algorithms and Usage
  • 9.3 Data Mining Wizard Lab
  • 9.4 Lesson 2 Mapping Mining Structure Attributes to Source Columns
  • 9.5 Create A Model from A Cube Lab
  • 9.6 Lesson 3 Predictive Models
  • 9.7 Lesson 4 Data Mining Security
  • 9.8 Managing Permissions Lab

Module 10: Developing SSAS Reports

  • 10.1 Lesson 1 Understanding SSRS Reports
  • 10.2 Creating Reports Lab
  • 10.3 Lesson 2 Creating A New Report Database
  • 10.4 Generate More Reports Lab
  • 10.5 Lesson 3 Advanced Report Object Properties-Part 1
  • 10.6 Lesson 4 Advanced Report Object Properties-Part 2

Module 11: Extending and Deploying SSRS Reports

  • 11.1 Lesson 1 SSRS Report Parameters
  • 11.2 Create A Report Without Using Wizard Lab
  • 11.3 Lesson 2 Extending SSRS Reports
  • 11.4 Lesson 3 Deploying SSRS Reports

Module 12: Scheduling Deployed Reports and Data Sources

  • 12.1 Lesson 1 Scheduling Reports and Subscriptions
  • 12.2 Creating A New Role for SSRS Lab
  • 12.3 Lesson 2 SSRS and Data Sources
  • 12.4 Set Up Shared Schedule Lab

Module 13: Configuring and Administering the SSRS Server

  • 13.1 Lesson 1 Installing and Configuring SSRS Server
  • 13.2 Changing Settings in Configuration Manager Lab
  • 13.3 Lesson 2 Administering the SSES Server and Command-Line Utilities
  • 13.4 Backing Up and Restoring Encryption Keys Lab
  • 13.5 Outro

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