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This Microsoft Excel 2016 Bootcamp course is for beginners. You do not need any previous knowledge of Excel. We will stick closely to the powerful built-in features of Excel and will not get bogged down in confusing code or complicated formulae.

This Microsoft Excel 2016 Bootcamp training course is project based. We start with a simple company branded invoice and explain how to calculate totals and tax. Using a complex and messy spreadsheet, we will clean it up using Excels automatic features.

Who should take this course

Anyone can take up this course upon interest in anytime you want, anywhere you want, all you need is a smart phone/tablet/computer connected to the internet.

Upon completion, you will have a test with multiple choice questions and there is no limit on the number of attempts.


Completion certificate will be given

Course content

With our new tidy data, you'll learn how easily Pivot Tables can turn long and hard-to-understand information into simple tables and beautiful graphs. Before we're finished, you'll be making clever drop down menus to help you fill out and sort your financial data.

You will even learn how to turn uninspiring Profit and Loss statements into a good looking, easy-to-use documents!

This training course is for Microsoft Office Excel 2016 for Windows.

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You can study at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.

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