Microsoft MCSE - Sharepoint 2013 (70-331, 70-332)

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Configure secure environments for personalised business document and information management to increase process efficiency with this Microsoft MCSE SharePoint 2013 course.

Who should take this course

This course is perfect for system administrators and engineers who need to get to grips with modern data storage and indexing technologies, or any IT professionals who are looking to upskill with an industry-recognised qualification.


There are no pre-requisites to take this course.

Course content

Learn the skills needed to install, configure and manage SharePoint Server 2013 and develop a greater understanding of the technologies which provide the technical framework for the SharePoint.

Students will also get unlimited access to the Live Labs throughout their course access. This dedicated live equipment will provide them with the platform to put their skills and knowledge to the test by recreating course scenarios, it will also allow them to free-roam and gain knowledge for themselves in a risk-free environment.

The course starts with the three MCSA Windows Server 2012 modules:

  • Microsoft 70-410: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012
  • Microsoft 70-411: Administering Windows Server 2012
  • Microsoft 70-412: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services
  • Course focus will then shift to the SharePoint 2012 specialised modules that make the MCSE
  • Microsoft 70-331: Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

  • How to install, configure, manage and maintain a SharePoint Server 2013 instance.

  • Using profiles and permissions to secure data stored in SharePoint 2013.
  • Configuring enterprise search and managing taxonomy to ensure users can find and access the information they need quickly and easily.
  • Building web applications and site collections.
  • Designing an information architecture to build a corporate intranet that scales according to business needs and priorities.

Microsoft 70-332: Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

  • How to upgrade and migrate SharePoint Server installations.
  • How to configure and manage apps and solutions within the SharePoint Server 2013 environment.
  • Building a scalable SharePoint Server environment that will meet the growth and search demands of an enterprise-class organisation.
  • Configure interoperability with other services and applications including Business Intelligence (BI), social computing productivity and collaboration platforms to create additional value from the SharePoint platform.
  • Improving SharePoint resilience for high-availability deployments and to cope with Disaster Recovery scenarios.

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