NLP for Beginners - A Comprehensive Guide

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Course Overview

From NLP Master Practitioner Hari Kalymnios comes Neurolinguistic Programming – A comprehensive guide. NLP is an exciting and valuable system of tools, techniques, and strategies to excel in every area of your life! Using this truly remarkable system of techniques, it is possible to enhance your success in any pursuit you choose!

In the past, NLP has been used with great success in such areas as: Sales, Management, Sports & Athletics, Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, and Public Speaking amongst many more!

This course has been meticulously designed for people who desire the tools to create lasting and beneficial change in yourself and others!

Who should take this course

Anyone with no experience of NLP and are eager to learn. Anyone with basic knowledge of the area, and want to augment their skills. Business people, Managers, Sportspeople, Parents, Therapists, Students.

Course content

Part 1 – Foundation

1 – Introduction

2 – Presuppositions

3 – Outcomes

4 – Sensory Acuity

5 – Representational Systems

6 – Neuro Levels

Part 2 – Improvers

7 – Language

8 – Perceptual Positions

9 – Submodalities

10 – Timelines

11 – Anchoring

12 – Strategies

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