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Pathways to the Future gives us The Science of Music which is a science of unification. Music is the communication link or language not only between all of nature, but also between all of the universes. The Science of Music is another way of stating that the universe is made up of vibratory rates. Everything in all facets of nature has this vibratory rate. Every living cell no matter where it is found, and even if it is no longer alive, emits a musical tone as its fingerprint. There is a way, through music, to communicate with all kingdoms. This way will be given through the Vibratory Charts that will come forth based on the Science of Music. It gives the ways that music can influence and change seven different sciences. These sciences are Education, Chemistry, Agriculture, Biology, Healing, Architecture and Astronomy.

Pathways to the Future also gives us new Experimental Schools. The goal of these schools is the opening of; the Creative Channel which is to be accomplished by bringing the arts back into education. They are divided into four parts and named for the schools on the inner planes.

Basic knowledge:

This Course is based on The Chrysalis Teachings. Chrysalis is a state of expectation. It is similar to that period of waiting while in the mother's womb to begin a new life. This comparison of Chrysalis to a babe in the womb puts the progress of humanity at the same comparative level in their progress towards a new life, which will be as the opening of the door to understanding. They are at the instinct level of comprehension as far as sensing that which the next stage will bring.

Humanity is trying to correct a very complicated makeup with simple tools and it cannot be done. It is to be compared to digging up a football field with a teaspoon to the level of one foot deep. It is an impossible job with no end in sight. To be able to understand the tools needed they must first understand their complicated makeup. The Chrysalis Teachings by Norma Hickox are guidelines leading into the new society. They will help in all areas of restructuring behavior and give day to day help for each. No church will be involved. The Chrysalis Teachings will stand alone on the basis of their integrity as the common-sense replacement for past authority figures. The purpose of The Chrysalis Teachings is to explain things in simple language and terms, and show misinterpreted teachings.

The first part of the teachings is the designing of the human being, the second part is the stage of the new creation that he is in and the psychological path of the brain, the third part will be the Science of Music which will enable the sub-atomic particles to evolve to the next stage, that of the eighth universe. At this time humanity will take a huge leap forward in evolution, one of the quantum leaps. And the Chrysalis Teachings will have been the instigator of this quantum leap. Does this bring it home as to how important these teachings are?

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In Pathways to the Future we learn about the Science of Music with plans for a new solar energy system, new schools, a new blood test machine, a healing machine, new ways to grow better crops, a new water project and much more.

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