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Course Overview

In the digital era, personal branding, impression management and self-presentation are becoming more and more necessary for the success of any company or individual. Failing to manage personal branding can lead to misinformation about you or your company becoming public. Taking control of your public image is no longer an option and identifying and using the tools that affect personal branding correctly will ensure that the public sees the image that you want them to see. Personal branding implies being able to identify your assets, characteristics, strengths, and skills, and it can be summarized as the way you present yourself and others see you.Personal branding allows you to share your vision and passions with others in a professional or private environment and influence how they see you.This course touches on defining oneself, controlling and developing one's image, building rapport through personal branding, using social media effectively, managing a brand during a crisis.

Who should take this course


This course is designed for:

Business owners Free-lancers Young professionals Students and graduates who are about to enter the world of work.

Course content

The following 11 subjects form the core of the courses:

  • Lesson 1: Defining Yourself
  • Lesson 2: Controlling and Developing Your Image
  • Lesson 3: Personal and Professional Influences
  • Lesson 4: Sharpening Your Brand
  • Lesson 5: The Importance Appearance
  • Lesson 6: Social Media
  • Lesson 7: Brand Management During a Crisis
  • Lesson 8: Branding Personality Traits
  • Lesson 9: Download Course Curriculum

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