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HTML5 - Programming games in Phaser is a video tutorial in which you will learn to create 3 games from scratch in HTML5using the popular Phaser framework. After completing the course you can create your own games in Phaser.

For many years Flash has been the leading platform for the development of 2D games for the Internet, as everyone knows well Flash will no longer have support for browsers and that is where HTML5 comes into play. Many of the sites that have Flash games are changing their content for HTML5 games. This creates a great opportunity for developers who know how to program games in HTML5 and this is one of the reasons why I decided to take this course where you can learn to develop 2D games in HTML5 using the Phaser framework and developing in Javascript.

Recently Facebook has launched Instant Games , games that will not need to be installed and can be played from Facebook Messenger. Instant Games has been in closed beta for quite some time but it is already open for any developer to publish their games. The games for Facebook Messenger offer a unique opportunity for HTML5 developers as it is a new market that is not yet saturated like Google Play stores or the App Store, which creates a great opportunity. It goes without saying that Instant Games are games developed in HTML5 :)

Something important to keep in mind is that while Unity can export games to HTML5 (WebGL), these games hosted on a site can only be played from a computer, that is, they do not work if you enter the site from a mobile device's browser. This does not happen if you develop a game using Phaser, since you could play the game both from a computer and from a mobile device. And this is a great advantage, since many companies seek to run their content in browsers from mobile devices.

To take the course it is necessary to have basic programming requirements, but it is enough to be a beginner. In the course we will be programming in JavaScript but if you come from any other programming language you will have no problem adapting to the JavaScript language to develop HTML5 video games.

The course has been diagrammed sequentially and as a tutorial, since in the first games we will incorporate the basic concepts to create a game and we will increase the level of difficulty during the following games. The games and the readings have been thought to be able to always acquire new knowledge of Phaser, that is, with each game we will be incorporating new concepts.

We will learn how to load and add images on the screen, position them, rotate them, scale them and understand how to use the reference point (anchor). We will also see how to use texts, create buttons, animate our sprites and control them using our mouse and keyboard. Then we will learn to use tweening and time events, groups and pool of objects. In our games we will use inheritance (prototypes), we will learn how to load external JSON files to configure our own levels.

Finally we will see how to add sounds and music to our games. We will start with basic concepts and end with intermediate / advanced concepts. These are the games that we will be developing:

What will we learn:

  • Upload images
  • Scale, Reverse, position and rotate Sprites
  • Use Buttons
  • Use Groups and Object Pool
  • Keyboard input
  • Text and Sound Management
  • Game 2 - Ninja Path

Dangerous ninjas will appear on the screen, our goal will be to eliminate them all by clicking with the mouse on each ninja, before they disappear.

What will we learn:

  • Tweens and Sprite Animated
  • Mouse input
  • Prototypes - Inheritance of the Sprite class
  • Data Structure
  • Bitmap Fonts
  • Upload JSON Files
  • Game 3 - Catching the Penguin

Kum will have to add the most points in a limited time. For that he will have to shoot Penguin, the flying penguin, with his water gun.

What will we learn:

  • Load and use Atlas
  • Move a Sprite through a specific path
  • Record data persistently
  • Orient Sprites in relation to the coordinates of our mouse
  • Time events

Sign up now!!! And start developing your own games in Phaser professionally.

Basic knowledge:

  • Basic programming knowledge
  • A code editor - We will be using Brackets in this course
  • Chrome browser
  • Passion for video games :)

Who should take this course

Who this course is for:

Any programmer with basic knowledge who wants to learn to develop their own games in HTML5, developing in JavaScript and using the Phaser framework. Developers who want to learn new techniques for game programming.


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Course content

What will you learn:

  • Create your own games in Phaser
  • Learn how to control images, texts, buttons, tweens, animations, time events and much more
  • Control Keyboard and Mouse Inputs
  • You will learn to develop 3 games from scratch step by step
  • Improve your JavaScript knowledge

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