Photoshop Backgrounds and Textures

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Course Overview

Learn how to transform relatively straightforward photographs into distinctive visual art, using Photoshop backgrounds and textures. With this Photoshop Backgrounds and Textures, you will go through the technical specifics of adding backgrounds and textures to your Photoshop compositions, and the course provides the inspiration and resources you need to get fantastic results. Learn how to provide context and ''frames'' with backgrounds, and use textures as nondestructive overlays to enhance the look and feel of your images. You will learn how to use scans and photos of found objects as the basis for custom textures, and even license textures from commercial libraries.

Who should take this course

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Certificate of Achievement

Course content

Introduction to Photoshop:

  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Understanding Types of Documents
  • Understanding Resolution
  • Creating New Documents
  • Using Artboards
  • Using CC Templates
  • Utilizing the Search Feature

Customizing the Workspace:

  • Using Workspace Presets
  • Moving, Closing, and Opening Panels
  • Understanding Document Views
  • Using the History Panel

Working with Layers:

  • Why Layers
  • Using Layers
  • Creating Fill Layers
  • Applying Blending Modes
  • Using Layer Styles
  • Discovering the Properties Panel

Understanding Selections:

  • Creating Basic Selections
  • Using the Lasso Tools
  • Understanding the Quick Select Tools
  • Editing the Quick Mask
  • Saving Selectionsv
  • Moving Selections to

Understanding and Using Color:

  • Understanding Color Modes
  • Creating Swatches

Using Masks and Advanced Layers:

  • Applying Layer Masks
  • Deleting Layer Masks
  • Organizing Layers
  • Merging Layers
  • Flattening Layers
  • Working with Layer Comps

Using Adjustment Layers:

  • Using Image Adjustments
  • Understanding Adjustment Layers
  • Using Layer Masks with Adjustment Layers

Cropping Images:

  • Using the Crop Tool
  • Using the Crop Tool to Add Canvas

  • Moving and Transforming Pixels

  • Using Free Transform

  • Working with Other Transform Options
  • Flipping Pixels

Adding Text and Text Styles:

  • Using the Type Tool
  • Discovering Typesetting
  • Formatting Text
  • Creating Type on a Path
  • Warping Type
  • Using Styles on Type

Applying Special Effects:

  • Using Layer Styles
  • Working with Patterns
  • Applying Filters
  • Creating Pixels with Filters

Exporting from Photoshop:

  • Printing in Photoshop
  • Converting to CMYK
  • Converting to Other File Types
  • Using File Info

Course Certification:

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