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Course Overview

The great outdoors…is there anything better? Want to combine your love of all things natural with creating professional & stunning outdoor photography? Enrol today in this professional photography course, and learn how to become a professional photographer!

Learn how to take the perfect shot and market it accordingly; master natural light & supplemental flash & strobe lighting; appreciate the differences in photographic equipment to fit your ideal shot & learn how to create a professional portfolio.

Who should take this course

Beginners to outdoor & nature photography. Photography students Those going on holiday this year who want to create memorable snaps! Those passionate about nature, animals & plants.

Course content

Section 1: The Profession of Outdoor and Nature Photography

Intro to Professional Outdoor Photography

Are You Sure You Want to Go Pro?

Section 2: Introduction to the Business of Outdoor and Nature Photography

The 10 Commandments of Professional Photography

Should You Be a Specialist or Generalist

Understanding Outdoor Stock Photography

Who is Going to Buy Your Outdoor Photography?

Outdoor Photography Concepts

Downloadable Material: Self Assignment #1

Section 3: Photography 101

Photography Gear: The Camera

Photography Gear: The Lens

More Photography Gear

Photography Setup: The Importance of ISO

Photography Setup: The Importance of White Balance

Properly Using Your Histogram

Exposure: Go Right

Mastering Creativity: Depth of Field

Section 4: Creating Nature Photography That Sells

Nature Photography: Finding Marketable Locations

Is Business Better as a Local Hero or an International Nobody?

The Fundamentals of Good Selling Nature Photography

Marketable Compositions 1 – Introduction

Marketable Compositions 2 – Rule of Thirds

Marketable Compositions 3 – Scale

Marketable Compositions 4 – S or Z lines

Marketable Compositions 5 – Stacking

Marketable Compositions 6 – Patterns & Textures

Wildlife Photography

Lighting for Nature Photography

Lighting for Nature Photography 2

Lighting for Nature Photography 3

Finding Your Vision

Why You Should Shoot PHOTO ELEMENTS

Landscape Photography Shooting Strategies

Photographing Utah’s Fallen Roof Ruin

Downloadable Material: Self Assignment – Calendar Company Request

Section 5: Creating Adventure Photography That Sells

Adventure Travel and Recreation Photography

Should You Be an Adventure Travel Generalist or Specialist?

The Markets for Adventure Photography

Equipment for Adventure Photography

Conceptual Outdoor and Adventure Photography

Composition and Lighting for Adventure Photography

Adventure Photography Techniques

Finding Models

The Importance of Model Releases

Section 6: Lighting on Location: Supplemental Light

Flash and Outdoor Photography

Understanding the Flash

Flash as a Supplemental Light

Flash as the Main Light

Intro to Wireless Multi-Flash Setups

Strategies for Lighting With Flash

More Strategies for Lighting With Flash

Even More Lighting Strategies

Creating Blur Action Adventure Photos

Photographing a Hiker with Pockets Wizards

Downloadable Material: Self Assignment #3

Section 7: Photographing Outdoor Products for Customers

Introduction to Outdoor Product Photography

Outdoor Product Photography Setup

Setting up to Photograph a Backpack

Lighting the Backpack

Photographing the Backpack

Photographing the Water Bottle

Prepping to Photograph a Shoe

Photographing an Outdoor Shoe

Product Photography Wrap-Up

Downloadable Material: Self Assignment #4

Section 8: Setting Up Your Photography Business

Getting Your Business Organised

Introduction to Editing

File Naming

Naming Your Files 2

The Importance of Metadata

Managing Your Photo Files

Introduction to Captioning and Keywords

Effective and Efficient Image Captioning

Effective and Efficient Image Keywording

Image Processing: Lightening and Darkening

Downloadable Material: Self Assignment 5 Metadata

Section 9: Finding Clients and Photo Buyers

Finding Clients Pt 1

Finding Clients Pt 2

Making Contact With Clients

How to Sell Yourself

Submitting Your Photography

Downloadable Material: Self Assignment #6 Clients

Section 10: Marketing Your Photography Business

Introduction to Marketing Your Photography

Branding Your Business


Email & Direct Mail Marketing

Your Portfolio and Portfolio Presentations

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social Photo Sharing

Downloadable Material: Self Assignment 8 Marketing

Section 11: Pricing Your Photography and Licensing Models

Introduction to Pricing Photography

Royalty Free vs. Rights Managed Licenses


Establishing Usage Fees 1

Establishing Usage Fees 2

Establishing a Price 3

Establishing a Price 4

Establishing a Price 5

Establishing a Price 6

Are these Images Rights managed or Royalty Free?

Negotiating the Sale

Negotiating the Sale 2

Section 12: Stock Photo Agencies

Joining a Stock Photo Agency

This Photograph Has Earned $900,000! Yes, it’s True!

Downloadable Material: Self Assignment #7 Magazine Photo Shoot

Section 13: Photographing Assignments

Introduction to Photography Assignments

Planning the Photography Assignment?

Downloadable Material: Photography Assignment Estimate Example 2 pages

I Hate Cold Calling and Here is What I do

Pricing Assignment Photography

Photographing the Outdoor Products Catalog

On Assignment: Axmen TV Show

Downloadable Material: Self Assignment 10 – Estimating an Assignments

Photographing a Mountain Man Rendezvous

Section 14: Course Summary, Learning Resources, and More

5 ways to get your business to run on auto pilot

12-9 editors

17-3 copyright infringement

Are you working hard to be an average photographer

Liability waiver

Tough times

What is success in nature photography

When one thing leads to another


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