Python Full Stack Web Development with Google Cloud Service

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You look at social platforms like facebook, twitter, have you ever imagined yourself being able to create one for yourself? Social web application is getting very popular, but to your surprise, it is not hard to build one. Have you ever imagined telling your friends that you can build a full stack web application from scratch all by yourself? You can learn it in this course!

Programming is one of the very important skills that people value a lot in this era. Not only it can help you get a well-paid software engineer job, but it can also train your brain to think in a logically manner. We are sure you agree with that but you are not sure where and how to start. You may already know some basics about programming, which is good, but you may think that is another level to build a useful application by yourself. Don't worry, in this course, we will guide you how to create your first python full stack web application step by step. You may become the next Jeff Bazos or Mark Zuckerburg!

What exactly will you learn?

This course has a goal, which is to show you how you can build real life full stack web application using python.

Unlike other programming courses which spent a lot of time on covering the syntax and logic, this course focus on the practical usage of the language. We assume you have basic understanding about the programming language (Python), we then teach you how you can build this social party web application from scratch.

This course also cover a lot of latest technology like Mongo DB, Google cloud storage, Google Location API etc. Since we are showing you how to build the online web application step by step, you will see us using the free online IDE CodeAnywhere. Your application is runnable in the free server by provided by CodeAnywhere.

You can also take this chance to revise important programming concept in Python.

Features of the party go application that you will write

  • Online web application with very nice layout
  • Allow users to create their own accounts and edit user profiles
  • Users are allowed to upload profiles pictures, party pictures
  • Create parties with customized information like location, date etc.
  • Data are stored in online document based database (Mongo DB)
  • User profile pictures, party pictures are stored using Google cloud storage

Apart from the above, we incorporate the latest programming concept in the course as well. I hope with this little challenges, you can learn better. And if you come across any questions during the course, feel free to raise it. We are here to make sure you enjoy your learning process.

Instructor: Jack Chan

Jack comes from a software engineering background. He has built sophisticated systems for top tier investment banks.

Course Designer: Raymond Chung

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Basic knowledge

  • You need to have a basic understanding about Python
  • You are recommended to take our beginner course Learn Python in a Day

Who should take this course

  • You are interested to create a web application
  • You are interested in web design
  • You are interested to understand document based database, e.g. Mongo DB
  • You are interested in cloud services


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Course content

What will you learn

  • Built a real life party web application using the Python Flask framework
  • Using Mongo DB to store data
  • Using Google Cloud Storage, API

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